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Nick Lea in John Woo's ONCE A THIEF

[TV series, 60 min., Action/Comedy, 1997]

Ivan Sergei, Sandrine Holt, Nicholas Lea

ONCE A THIEF is a Canadian TV series (filmed in Toronto). It's based on the movie/pilot, John Woo's ONCE A THIEF, that aired in September 1996 on Fox. Fox chose not to pick it up as a series, so it was syndicated by Alliance.

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  Finally! ONCE A THIEF is showing in most U.S. markets. For the time and channel in your area, check your local listings.

  Episodes of ONCE A THIEF are available on videotape and DVD in Japan. More info here.

Ivan Sergei news! According to Glamour magazine: He first caught critic's eyes playing the AC/DC love interest of both Christina Ricci and Martin Donovan in last year's dark comedy, The Opposite of Sex. This fall, Ivan Sergei takes a lighter turn, starring in the WB's romantic series, Jack and Jill. "The cool thing about my work is that I get to play so many different parts,"says the 26-year old New Jersey native. "I've played a rock-star vampire and a karate-chopping gunslinger - all the kinds of things you could never do in real life." This winter, Sergei is set to keep moviegoers warm when he stars opposite Julianna Margulies in the romantic comedy We Met on the Vineyard, and with Alicia Witt in the dark comedy Playing Mona Lisa. And to prove he's not just another pretty face, he hopes to start his own production company. "I'd like to write something, then produce it and edit it. But not star in it," he says. Nevertheless, let's hope that, for the time being, he stays on this side of the camera.

  Pssst! Wanna buy a ONCE A THIEF script? Thanks to writer/producers Larry Lalonde and Phil Bedard, you can! Copies of the script of the last episode, "Endgame," as well a "blooper script" spoofing it are being sold as a charity fundraiser for the Children's Hospital Foundation. The prices are reasonable and it's a very worthy cause, so buy your copies now!

  The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance hosted a charity event called Lights, Camera, Auction! on October 17-18, 1998, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Representatives from many TV shows were there, including some from the tech side of ONCE A THIEF. Various TV scripts, props, costumes, etc., were auctioned for charity.

         Some of the great ONCE A THIEF items that were auctioned:

1. Two ONCE A THIEF black wool vests with the name of the show (in both English and Chinese) in red lettering on the upper left side.

2. One ONCE A THIEF cap (white with red lettering), belonging to and worn (once) by Larry Lalonde, auctioned together with a copy of the "Trial Marriage" script.

3. "Wang Dang Doodle" script - first writer's draft.

  The ONCE A THIEF pilot is now available for about $13 U.S. (new VHS tape). Check your local video store, or order online at The Movie Store or There's a DVD version as well (about $11).

  There are now two ONCE A THIEF mailing lists! OAT-L is a general discussion and fiction list. To join, send a message to with subscribe oat-l in the body of the message. OAT-X is an adult mailing list for slash discussion and fanfic. To join, send an age statement to R'rain. (Note new addresses!)


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