Once A Thief Photo Gallery

[photos of the OAT cast]

Once A Thief Promotional Photos:

   The Director with Mac, Li Ann, and Victor.

   Mac and Victor.

   Victor Mansfield.

   Mac, Li Ann, and Victor.

   Nicholas Lea, Sandrine Holt, Jennifer Dale, and Ivan Sergei.

   A large poster for the pilot, John Woo's Once A Thief.

   Another version of the poster for the pilot (Violent Tradition).   (From Impact magazine.)   [220k]

   Ivan Sergei, Sandrine Holt, and Nicholas Lea, in casual wear.   (From the Sympatico review.)

   Scan of a black and white ad for ONCE A THIEF. (Not great quality, since it's from a newsprint ad, but I love the photo! Thanks, Patti!)

   Another ONCE A THIEF ad scanned in by Patti. ("Meet Victor. He's a hard body with a soft heart.")

   Mac ad scanned in by Patti. ("Meet Mac. Don't ask him if he works for the government.")

   Li Ann ad scanned in by Patti. ("Meet Li Ann. She enjoys romantic dinners, soft music, and kickin' butt.")

   Director ad scanned in by Patti. ("Meet the Director. The boss is a bitch.")

   Promo photo of Nick Lea.

   Autographed ONCE A THIEF promo photo of Nick Lea.   [220k]

   Mac and Vic swinging over the electrified floor. (Scan of a newspaper photo.)

   Romantic promo shot of Michael and Li Ann.

   Mac, Victor, and Li Ann climbing a chain link fence.

   Another shot of Mac, Li Ann, and Victor on the fence.

   Mac, Li Ann, and Victor standing in front of the fence.

   Another shot of Mac, Li Ann, and Victor standing in front of the fence.

   Sexy Jackie Janczyk.

   Vic with Jackie.

   Romantic shot of Mac, Li Ann, and Victor.

   Victor and Nathan.

   Victor holding up a newspaper.

   Sandrine Holt and Ivan Sergei, with John Woo.

   Nicholas Lea, hanging in midair.  

Other Photos of the Cast:

   Black and white promo poster for Dance Me Outside.   (That's Sandrine Holt on the far left.)

   Sandrine Holt in Rapa Nui (front of the video box).

   Sandrine Holt in Rapa Nui (back of the video box).

   Sandrine Holt and Jason Scott Lee from Rapa Nui. (Warning: Polynesians didn't wear shirts, and Sandrine's costuming is, er, authentic.)

   Sandrine Holt as Ramana in Rapa Nui.

   Another one of Sandrine Holt from Rapa Nui.

   Sandrine Holt in Rapa Nui, about to be exiled to the Virgin Cave.

   Promo poster for Dangerous Minds.   (That's Ivan Sergei with the ears! Thanks, Kim!)   [200k]

   Nice picture of Ivan Sergei. (Scan of a photo from TV Guide.)

   Poster for Ivan Sergei's movie, The Opposite of Sex.

   Ivan Sergei and Christina Ricci from The Opposite of Sex.

   Another of Ivan Sergei and Christina Ricci from The Opposite of Sex.

   Ivan Sergei and Johnny Galecki from The Opposite of Sex.

   Ivan Sergei and Martin Donovan from The Opposite of Sex.

   Another of Ivan Sergei and Martin Donovan from The Opposite of Sex.

The Pilot:

   Mac and Li Ann dance.

   Closeup of Mac, about to jump out of a very high window.

   Li Ann jumps out of the same window.

   Mac with his foster father (Robert Ito).

   Michael, the true son of the Tang family.

   Li Ann, the smartest child of the Tangs.

   Mac and Li Ann react to Michael's proposal.

   Li Ann apologizes for slapping Mac.

   Li Ann agrees to run away with Mac.

   Li Ann regretfully leaves Mac behind.

   Mac with a bouquet of white roses.

   Victor with a bouquet of red roses.

   The photo of Victor and Li Ann on the wall in Li Ann's apartment.

   Mac tries to kick Victor.

   Vic and Mac, caught fighting.

   Close-up of Vic and Mac.

   The Director inspects her newest recruit.

   Victor in that gorgeous leather jacket.

   Victor in a serious moment.

   Victor and Li Ann having lunch.

   Li Ann kisses Victor so he won't be jealous of Mac.

   Mac and the first Dobrinsky (Nathaniel Deveaux).

   Victor pretends to join the Tangs.

   Mac and Vic wrestle: "If we don't let go, they're going to find us dead in each other's arms."

   Mac tells Vic they're going to steal the Rembrandt.

   Mac and Vic peer through a round window.

   Victor gets in Mac's face.

   Victor and Mac.

   Mac and Vic suspect a trap.

   Vic plucks one of Mac's hairs.

   Mac and Vic kneel by the edge of the electric floor.

   Vic, looking tough.

   Mac and Vic swinging from the chandelier.

   Another one of Mac and Vic swinging from the chandelier.

   Yet another one of Mac and Vic swinging from the chandelier.

   Vic, Mac, and Li Ann argue.

   Mac looks to Vic for support.

   Li Ann aims her gun.

   Li Ann puts her life in Michael's hands.

   Li Ann and Vic embrace.

   Li Ann thinks Vic is noble; Mac thinks he's lame.

   Vic gives Li Ann a red rose.

   Mac gives Li Ann a white rose.

   Nice shot of Mac.

   Mac thinks Vic's giving money to charity is "lame behavior."

"The Big Bang Theory":

   Mac tries to feed Victor some eel.

   Li Ann on surveillance duty.

"Rave On":

   Victor twits Mac as they hide on the dock together.

   Victor and Li Ann at the local hangout.

   Li Ann pretends to be from the Missing Persons Bureau.

   Mac and Vic watch as Nicki steals Victor's truck.

   Closeup of Victor.

   Victor and Li Ann in their rave club outfits.

   Victor and the Paranoid Guy. (According to Nick, the head-bump in this scene was not scripted; it was a mistake they just worked with!)

   Victor knocks at Jimmy Nicolini's door.

"Trial Marriage":

   Victor kisses Li Ann and gives her a wire sculpture he made.

   Li Ann, The Director, and Victor.

   Li Ann and Victor at the bar.

   Mac kisses Li Ann...and she's not happy about it.

   Close-up of a brooding Mac. (Nice shot of his earring!)

   Close-up of Li Ann, nice smile.

   Victor raises his gun.

   Mac and Agent Dobrinsky.

   Close-up of Victor.

   Li Ann aims her gun.

   Victor tangles with a terrorist's wife.

   Victor reacts to being dumped by Li Ann.

"The Art of Death":

   Victor and his incredible eyelashes.

   Mac, Vic, and McCoy Matsumoto (George Takei, AKA "Mr. Sulu").

   The glamorous Li Ann.

   Profile of a smiling Victor.

   Alexa and Li Ann.

   Mac, Victor, and Matsumoto.

   Mac and Victor pretend to argue about golf.

   Mac and Vic over an unconscious Li Ann.

   Mac, Li Ann, Vic, and Matsumoto.

   Victor tries to apologize to Mac.

"Mac Daddy":

   Li Ann teases Mac after rescuing him.

   Victor Mansfield.

   The Director.

   Mac, cool in shades.

   Artistic shot of Victor overlaid with roses.

   Battle-scarred Mac in a t-shirt.

   Dobrinsky carrying an umbrella.

   Mac's father and the Director carry on.

   Mac sleeps in his car.

   Victor, undercover as a pool maintenance guy.

   Extreme close-up of the "lyrically beautiful" Li Ann.

   Closeup of Victor in the freezer.

   Victor gives Mac a gun.

   Victor has three spare guns. (Mac doesn't have any, because they "ruin the line of your jacket.")

   Mac and Victor take refuge behind a statue.

   Mac and his father.

   The Director is not pleased.

   Mac reacts to his father's good-by.

"Wang Dang Doodle":

   Closeup of Victor, sitting between Li Ann and Mac.

   Li Ann, Victor, and Mac dressed up as Men In Black.

   Victor hiding in the trunk of Li Ann's car.

   Victor bangs his head against the trunk lid, trying to get out to save Li Ann. (Luckily, she doesn't need saving.)

   A double fantasy for Li Ann: two ex-boyfriends in trunk.

   Victor in a brooding moment.

   Murphy & Camier, the team of assassins The Agency calls "The Cleaners."

   Victor tangles with Murphy, one of "The Cleaners."

"It Happened One Night":

   Mac and Vic, guns drawn.

   Vic casts a longing look at Li Ann.

   Victor not watching the strippers perform.

   Li Ann lays down the rules for the prince.

   The prince tries to romance Li Ann.

   Mac reacting to Vic's predictable heroics.

   Vic eyes the thugs he's up against.

   Li Ann enjoying her drink and the music.

   Li Ann at the wheel of the bus she commandeered.

   Mac in jail.

   Vic and Li Ann are captured.

   Mac in a stolen cop's uniform.

   Dobrinsky holding down the fort for the Director.

   Dobrinsky threatens to put Mac through the paper shredder.

   Vic and Li Ann are a captive audience.

   Vic reacts to Li Ann's critique.

   Mac in Dobrinsky's car, still in police uniform.

   Li Ann the movie critic.

   Victor Mansfield, chainsaw duelist.

   Li Ann, Mac, and Victor at the strip club.

   Victor waiting at the strip club.

   The Director moonlighting.

"Drive, She Said":

   Victor sulks in Mac's apartment.

   Mac meditates on his couch.

   Murphy and Camier, expendable assassins.

   Mac and Vic do not share the same taste in music.

   Mac and Vic conspire against Dobrinsky.

   Closeup of Victor smiling.

   Mac and Victor arguing.

   Mac and Victor, arguing...again.

   Li Ann and the Director, back-to-back.

   Some bare Victor-skin, exposed when he draws his weapon. (Nice...assets.)

   Mac and his gun.

   Agent Dobrinsky.

   Li Ann, looking sultry in a cage.

   Murphy prowls a cow pasture.

   Closeup of a smiling Li Ann.

"Wedding Bell Blues":

   Mac worries that his bride won't show up at the wedding.

   Agent Murphy, who apparently moonlights as a minister.

   Agent Camier, the organist.

   The bridgegroom, Mac, and his best man, Vic.

   Vic and Mac.

   Mac and his bride.

   Another shot of the happy couple.

   Dobrinsky cries at Mac's wedding, the Director by his side.

   Li Ann, locked out of Mac's wedding.

"This Old Gang of Mine":

   Jackie lounges in the pool.

   Mac trying to escape from the Janczyk estate.

   Vic kisses Ivy's hand.

   Nice shot of Victor with his earring!

   Victor and his old flame, Ivy.

   Jackie holds Old Man Tang at gunpoint as Mac looks on.

   Jackie and the Godfather of the Tang family (Robert Ito).

   Vic and Li Ann react to being taunted by the Director.

   The team share a laugh.

   A rare smile from the Director.

"The Last Temptation of Vic":

   Mac and Li Ann eat lunch. (Looks like Chinese, surprisingly enough.)

   Victor's in trouble.

   Victor's in big trouble.

   Vic knows he's been a bad boy.

   The Director tells Vic who's boss.

   Victor: "Six-foot-one, short brown hair, and really, really cute."

   Li Ann at the wheel.

   The "other team," who bear a strange resemblance to Vic, Li Ann, and Mac.

   Mac and Li Ann in their convertible, arguing about Vic.

   Vic confronts the Director.

   Mac, cool in shades.

   Victor shoots some pool.

   Vic is offered a position with the Orsini family.

   Mac tries to arrest Jackie.

   Jackie Janczyk kicks Mac.

   Vic meets his new coworker - Jackie Janczyk.

   The Director talks to Victor in the back seat of her limo.

   Jackie Janczyk.

   Another shot of Jackie.

   Vic comforts the man who betrayed him.

   Jackie and the Director.

   Victor questions the Director about the "other team."

"True Blue":

   Li Ann, looking concerned.

   Victor, looking up in profile.

   Li Ann shows Mac why he'll be called "Stumpy" if he touches Chantal.

   Vic the cop, back in 1991.

   Mac demonstrates to Li Ann the way Chantal is tempting him.

   Li Ann's sunny smile.

   Victor remembers how Stan betrayed him.

   Vic broods in the bar he used to frequent when he was a cop.

   Another shot of Victor brooding over the past.

   Mac handcuffed to the bed.

   The glamorous Director, swathed in fur.

   Mac and the Director on Mac's bed.

   Vic watches the Director practice her boxing.

   Dobrinsky in the gym.

   Mac escorts Chantal shopping.

   Vic bleeds after being hit by a car.

   Li Ann and Mac discuss Vic.

   Vic holds a gun on his former partner Stan.

   Vic looks up into the barrel of Stan's gun.

   Vic holds up the badge of his friend Stan.

   Vic beaten to the floor.

   Vic held at gunpoint by O'Grady, corrupt cop.

   Vic with Mac's hand on his shoulder.

   Li Ann and Vic.

   Murphy and Chantal.

   Vic, Li Ann, and Mac.

   Vic draws a clown face on a photo of himself from his cop days.

"The Director Files":

   Mac and Jackie.

   Victor and Li Ann.

   The Director, wearing glasses.

   FBI agents Elk Diller and Wanda Clancy (who bear an odd resemblance to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of THE X-FILES).

   The Director kisses Nathan.

   Murphy and Camier look down at their 999th, er, client.

   Mac goofing around.

   Li Ann and Victor in Vic's truck.

   The Director - wearing a nose ring.

   Victor and Li Ann waiting for The Director.

   Mac and Jackie.

   Victor and Li Ann again.

   Victor Mansfield.

   Nathan Muckle.

   The Cleaners on stakeout.

   Another one of Agents Diller and Clancy.

   Mac and Li Ann hide from the Cleaners.

   Vic threatens to kill Camier.

   Vic and Jackie aim their guns.

   The Head, the mysterious leader of The Agency.

   The Director and Jackie.

   The Director checks an unconscious Vic.

   The Director with the dying Desmond.

"Shaken Not Stirred":

   The Director announces a new assignment.

   Mac and Vic react to hearing they will be working with the famed Ian Lesley.

   Vic interrupts Mac's weird handshake.

   Vic and Mac are ditched by Li Ann and Ian.

   Vic and Mac ditched again, at a romantic restaurant.

   Vic, Li Ann, and Mac.

   Li Ann looks under the truck.

   Vic, Li Ann, and Mac again.

   Vic and Li Ann.

   Mac picks a lock while Vic stands guard.

   Vic - a man and his gun.

   Murphy and Camier, waiting for Burot.

   Li Ann meets Jimmy Moorcock.

   Moorcock tells Li Ann the bomb is just a lighter.

   Dobrinsky teases Mac and Vic in the men's room.

   Still in the men's room, Mac and Vic fume about Ian.

   Murphy and Camier are still waiting for Burot.

   Moorcock stops Vic's truck.

   Moorcock shoves Vic to the back of the truck.

   Vic reacts to Moorcock's bomb threat.

   Moorcock and Vic are ambushed by Grubb and his wrestlers.

   Li Ann and Ian about to be killed by Grubb.

   Another shot of Li Ann and Ian.

   Mac and Vic, somewhat the worse for wear.

   Introspective Li Ann.

   Mac admits he hated Ian.

   A closeup of Victor.

   Ian and the Director....

   ...walk off into the sunset.

Family Business:

   The Director won't tell Dobrinsky about the "other team."

Brother Against Brother:

   Mac, Li Ann, and Victor emerge from the exploding building.

   The Director reacts to seeing they're alive.

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