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Krycek returns!

THE X-FILES television series may be over, but Mulder and Scully's search for the truth continues. Fox and Vivendi Universal have announced Playstation 2 video game called X-FILES: RESIST OR SERVE. It features the voices and likenesses of the entire cast - yes, including Nick! It carries a suggested retail price of $49.99 (street price is much lower - about $30). It has a "Mature" rating. (An Xbox version was originally planned as well, but it has been cancelled.)

The game's official site has images of all of the characters, and descriptions. Krycek's description says:

Ex-FBI agent Alex Krycek is handsome, charming, and treacherous. Krycek once worked with Agent Mulder at the Bureau, until it became clear that the backstabbing double agent's true loyalties lay with Mulder's old nemesis, the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

A master of subterfuge and assassination, Alex Krycek's true background is a mystery. Krycek has hired out his skills to (and betrayed) several employers in the past. Krycek has close ties to Russian intelligence and connections to the secret research project being conducted in Siberia. He has also worked as a contract killer for Roush Biotechnologies, cleaning up loose ends and silencing loose lips.

Krycek's victims include both Agent Mulder's father and Agent Scully's sister. Mulder in particular would like to see Krycek dead.

The game includes "extras," such as a video clip of Nick recording some of Krycek's lines. (Looks like Mulder beats him up again. Poor baby!) Don't ask me why Nick is wearing lipstick...

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