The Watchers' File on Cory Raines

from the HIGHLANDER Watchers Database CD-ROM

Alias: Corwin a'Green, Ramsey Corwin, Rainier, Brad Corwin.

Unique characteristics: Robs from the rich and gives to the poor.

Occupation: Bank Robber

Watcher: Richard Rawlings

Born: 1256, Tutbury England

First Death: 1285, poaching deer on the King's land.

First Teacher: Matthew McCormick

Cory is not bothered by labels such as good/bad or black/white. He's like a force of nature, that goes where it wants to go and does what it wants to do and doesn't care too much about what it leaves behind. He's not bound down by any cumbersome set of ethics, and that makes him equally likely to be found blowing up a bank as building an orphanage. When he sees something he thinks needs to be done, he just does it, no matter what lines or legal definitions he has to cross to make it happen. There's a legend in the old records of how Corwin a'Green killed a deer on the king's land to feed a poor family and was caught by the sheriff's men. The legend says he escaped hanging by engaging the sheriff in a philosophical paradox involving the comparative weight of the souls of the deer, the family, and the king and scampered away while the poor sheriff was still scratching his head. Cory would never set out to kill another human being but if one happens to get too close to a bank going boom or a shootout with the police, he wouldn't waste any time grieving, either. Those things are just not important to him. I think when the final Immortal showdown between Good and Evil finally begins, you're going to find Cory will be the one up in the stands selling the popcorn to both sides and pondering which line to use to pick up a pretty girl in the front row. The outcome really won't matter.

- Richard Rawlings

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