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Last update: 05-12-02

Fans of Nick Lea, 2002

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 New Fundraiser for 'Best Friends' to Honor Nick Lea

As some of you already know -- the May 10th issue of The Hollywood Reporter is going to have several fan sponsored ads to honor their favorite actors. While Nick had a lovely ad last year, some of his fans were concerned about a lack of mention this year. Others proposed using the occasion as the impetus to raise money for one of Nick's favorite charities -- The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Because we think that's a gesture Nick would appreciate -- let the fundraising begin. No donation is too large or too small. We will be collecting money until May 19th to coincide with the special X-Files issue of THR.

Checks, money orders or PayPal are accepted. Make checks and money orders out to Best Friends. We have set up two PayPal accounts for your convenience. One is generously hosted by Leigh of NickLea.com and the other by Elaine. Both will absorb the fees as their contributions to the campaign. Thanks ladies.

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!
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Send PayPal contributions to:

Elaine at DrkCherry@earthlink.net

or to Leigh at ThankUNick@aol.com

Send any checks to Eileen's office address:

Eileen Salmas
Media Distribution Services

8592 Venice Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA  90034

Contact her privately if you prefer to send the check to her home address.

EiIeen will keep a list of contributors and send everyone's name to Nick via his agent and to Best Friends. When you make your contribution, please let her know how you'd like to be identified (e.g. real name, screen name, etc.) She will be contacting the sanctuary and Nick's agent later in the week to let them know about this undertaking.

To keep discussion on the various lists to a minimum -- if anyone has any questions, wants to volunteer to help, wants progress reports or just needs to talk, Ursula has started a new list, Friends of NickLea. The mailing address is FriendsofNickLea@yahoogroups.com. She is moderating it along with Leigh, Elaine and Eileen.

If you have a Web site -- feel free to post this information.

Thanks everyone -- let's do Nick proud.



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