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Running the risk of sounding repetitive -- once again, I want to thank all of you for your contributions. Whether it's been money, doing something for charity, submitting some fantastic art or sending Nick a message, your support has been overwhelming in such a short period of time.

The good news is we passed our goal of $2500 and are in striking distance of raising $3000 for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary org . So -- just reminding you that we're still accepting donations until May 19th (and that can slide a week if someone needs the extra time).

I have been keeping both Best Friends and Nick's agent apprised of our activities. Once all the funds are in, I will send a letter to them with your checks and a list of the contributors. Any comments I receive from them will be posted to the lists and on our site . Visit the site and see what's new -- it changes every day.

I hope most of you have seen the Hollywood Reporter by now -- either the actual issue or the ads that have been scanned onto several Web sites. The issue was a real nostalgic trip. Whatever our complaints may have been about certain plot points (or lack of them), you have to admit, it was one helluva thrill ride. And -- watching Sunday' finale will bring us all together one last time as a community.

Just because The X-Files is no longer in production, the finale doesn't mean an end to the friendships we've formed and the things we've accomplished. (Or the fiction .) The site will continue to post news and information. TXF community will continue to grow and thrive.

Special thanks to the "committee" who volunteered their time and talent to the Web site and helping me coordinate all the logistics. Elaine, Laylya, Leigh and Ursula -- you rock.

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