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Fans of Nick Lea, 2002

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 Press Release for the "Thank You Nick"- Campaign


Although The X-Files will be ending soon -- the fans are using the May 19th finale as the impetus to raise money for the favorite charities of the X-Files stars and to pay tribute to the show.
Typically, the mainstream media writes about fans on two occasions -- when a star is being stalked, or when some fans are dressed in costume and made to look ridiculous at some convention or other.
That's not the majority of fans. And, as a group, we've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity over the years. That's a story worth telling that, for some reason, is ignored.
I am coordinating the effort to honor Nick Lea (Alex Krycek) by raising money for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. At an X-Files Expo, Nick told the attendees, "I just think sometimes that the focus is a little misplaced. I would love to see everybody here take a third of that energy and put it into their family or their community, or the people on the street who need our help."
In keeping with that sentiment, we've set up a Web site at http://www.NickLea.com/thankyounick that not only makes it easy for fans to donate funds, they can also post messages and art work. They are an incredibly talented group of people. So far we've raised over $1800.
From our site you can also link to the campaigns for David, Gillian, Mitch, The Lone Gunmen and the cast & crew where thousands more have been contributed to various charities. Check us out and see what determined fans can accomplish.

Eileen Becker-Salmas




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