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Non-Monetary Donor's List in Honor of Nick Lea


  • Sharon Marais:
    Well I am very glad of this opportunity to say thank you to Nick for his work on the X files, and in other films and TV Series. I was glad to donate to the best friends animal sanctuary, but I really like the idea of the non monetary thank you donation. I agree, taking part in the community is important, taking care of friends and family likewise.
    To this end I organised 12 people to accompany me to give blood last month. Many of those who came with me had never been before, and didn't realise that our local hospital has an omnipresent donor clinic. In England we are used to going to local church halls, or schools during the school breaks, so that hadn't occurred to many of them.
    I have also had a clear out of clothing in our house, things we no longer wear, things we can no longer get into..and took them to Oxfam. Those items they cannot use in their aid programmes, or sell as secondhand clothing, will be sold as rags and the money put into their aid programmes around the world.
    I already volunteer as a prison visitor, but lately have realised that there are many elderly people in our community hospitals who have no relatives who are able to visit them, so I intend to join a group who visit there as well.
    I think it's amazing what our admiration for Nick has made us focus on, and how much we can achieve when we put our minds to it. Imagine what it would be like if we focused that energy in this way on a regular basis.
    Thank you Nick for helping to inspire us in this way, and thank you for all the joy your acting has given, and hopefully will continue to give us over the coming years.

  • Deslea:
    Just an update on the school library working bee I arranged...it was a great success! We covered well over 200 books and we plan to make it a monthly event. The library has hundreds of books that haven't been able to go into circulation because the librarian has a full teaching load and therefore can't process the new acquisitions very easily, but now the children can access them - it was great!

  • Pauline:
    I read some time ago that in Romania are more than 20 thousand orphaned children living on the streets. Many children die because of diseases, hunger or exposure. (especially in very harsh Romanian winters) When the children get 18 years old they are obligated to leave the orphanage also if they have no place to go to. The children are scarred and they are without any help. No one loves them or misses them. Other people pass them without even looking to them. These children and teenagers don't only have no home, they also have no shower to take, no table to eat at, and no clean clothes. They are used to wear the same dirty clothes over and over.
    That's why I decided not to throw my clothes away when I grew out of them or if I don't like them anymore but giving them to special organizations that pass them on to poor children. I think by donating clothes we can improve the chances to make the life of these poor children a little better.
    And there's another thing I did for children. I know this is not a (non-monetary) donation but Nick said "I would love to see everybody here take a third of that energy and put it into their family or their community, or the people on the street who need our help" and especially children need our help. Children are very important for me and children are the precondition that the society can live on. That's why I took part at the UNICEF campaign "Say Yes for Children". This campaign is fighting for the children's rights, for the children's health and for the children's protection.
    Please excuse that my mail is so long and please excuse all my mistakes.

  • Lori Spier:
    In honor of Nic Lea and of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I have been working on several educational articles on living with coonhounds for the New River Valley Animal Shelter. The goal of the articles is to educate people that coonhounds and other hounds make marvelous pets and not just hunting dogs.
    The second is a collage quilt of rescued coonhounds that will be auctioned off at in April, 2003 at the American Black & Tan Coonhound Club Specialty (all proceeds will benefit their rescue organization).

  • Eileen Becker Salmas:
    Yesterday, I gave blood at a mobile American Red Cross van. I'd never given blood before, but this aspect of the campaign spurred me on. I plan on doing giving blood on a regular basis now.

  • Carolyn M. Button:
    I Went through my house fromtop to bottom (4 stories) and got 15 huge boxes to give to local charity. thats allIi could do I ve watched the x files for all the 9 years its been on and am sorry but I just have no money to spare so Ihope this helps to show that I care and that they all will be truly missed

  • Deslea:
    I love the non-monetary donation idea! I'm arranging a working bee at my son's school library. We hope to cover 200 books in 2 days. We'll be playing videos while we work and I plan to sneak Lunch With Charles into the lineup.

  • E. Watson:
    As a contribution to the campaign, I've made two non-monetary donations of clothes - to a children's charity and groceries to my local food bank.


Thank you everyone for your donations!

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