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Our donation is mentioned in the Best Friends Weekly Newsletter:




Presumably the last update: We have received a letter of the President of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Michael Mountain. He is an X-files Fan...




The campaign is now officially closed. We'll wait until end of May to collect the announced mail contributions. Then the money and the list of contributors will be sent to the Best Friends.

The total is now at 3480$ - that's far beyond our expectations! Thank you all for your generosity!




Eileen has sent a Thank You message to all contributors of the campaign.

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Nick is namely mentioned in these Hollywood Reporter ads:
The Fan's ad for the Cast and Crew; David and Gillian; Gilligan, Shiban, Spotnitz.
Krycek is mentionend in an article about Deadly Intrigue (with a small older photo), and in an article about Scully's and Mulder's appartments and their most catastrophic events <g>



This message came from Chuck Larsen at October Moon Television -- the U.S. distributor of Once A Thief.

"Once a Thief is cleared in about 85% of the U.S. to date for the fall launch. We'll be on 182 television stations. Cities where we still do not have a station commitment are: Washington (DC), Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Denver, Orlando, Portland (OR), New Orleans, Harrisburg, Wilkes Barre, Austin, Fresno, Little Rock, Tulsa, Knoxville, Wichita, Toledo, Honolulu, Tucson, Spokane, Huntsville, Columbia (SC), Jackson (MS), Colorado Springs, Davenport, Waco, Johnstown, and Youngstown. Any help your readers can provide in urging stations in the above markets to clear John Woo's Once A Thief will be a great help."

Please write or call the local stations in these markets and encourage them to carry OaT. More Nickage is a good thing !

> see the station's list





Fourth gallery page added! Thanks for all your contributions!




Non-Monetary Donor's List added.




Yep! We've made it! We have just received a check over 500 $. Add the collected 2118 $: We have reached our aim!! Within a short four weeks period of time!

Today I'll add a list with the donor's names, check out here:





Eileen has sent a press release, I've uploaded it to the site:





A new Thank you Chris Carter Campaign has been founded, co-organizers are Deslea and Kristen, with the full support and recognition of 1013 and Chris Carter's office. The campaigne is for charity only.

Here's their url: http://www.thankyouchriscarter.com/




1752 $ - We have reached 2/3 of our aim!




We have decided to include the non-monetary donations and add a special list with the names of the donators in honour of Nick. They can be announced either in the forum or in the friendsofnick mailing list.
Eileen received an e-mail of the best friends animal sanctuary: our donations are greatly appreciated!




Donations table updated: 1283 $ - we're past the halfway point!

Deslea has posted the archives of the Thanks CC mailing list at her site, as a service to fandom: http://www.deslea.com/chriscarterarchives/

It seems their campaign collapsed due to poor management, and not due to fraud or anything like that. All funds have been returned to the donors. As of now, they have voluntarily closed their campaign, including the mailing list and the website.
They will be giving CC a plaque in the name of all those who contributed, paying for it out of their own pockets.
Thanks for the information, Leigh!




1193$ ! Thank you for your contributions!

Erynn made the following suggestion:

"If you want to focus on the spirit behind it, then you could include non-monetary donations as a way to pay tribute to Nick. Some fans just don't have the money to give. So wecould encourage people do something charitable, whatever way they can: An hour of community service, dropping off food at their local food bank, clothes to a transitions house, there are so many ways people can give without having to spend money.
Then you can send a note to the Nick Forum saying what you did and/or post it on the mailing list After the donation we can publish a list on the site - something like in addition to money raised fans also contributed..."

Good idea!




A survey on x-files Thank You campaigns can be found here:






New gallery page added. We have reached the 500$ mark!



Saturday's artwork and banner contributions added! I've devided the gallery pages for better loading.



Small update of the donation table: Aim fixed to $2500, update of the gallery and banner section




Donation table added. And the suggestion was to insert the paypal buttons into the startpage - to make dantions easier!



New Banners and artwork added, finally the Thank You Nick Forum is online.
This is the HR ad for the finale:





The new Thank you Nick website is online: It's a joint effort of Nick Fans and still open to new contributions.

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