On December 16, 1996, Nick Lea joined fans for an on-line chat on Fox World's IRC server. Nick went above and beyond the call to answer fan's questions, staying two hours to answer as many questions as he could. Toward the end of the chat, Melinda McGraw (Melissa Scully) arrived and sent some messages to fans as well. Here's a transcript of the event.

<Trace> How do you feel about all of the abuse that your character has been taking on the show?

<Nick> Hello, Trace. It's my friends who are beating me up on the show-- David and Mitch. So, we laugh a lot while we're doing it. And I enjoy doing physical acting. I'm a big fan of Harrison Ford's work, so it's fun to get beat up.

<lgg> what do you enjoy most of your character?
<Nick> Hello, lgg. I don't like playing just good characters, and I don't like just playing bad characters. I like to find the balance in between that makes a person. And you never know whether to trust them or not.

<Nick> Hello to everyone who's called in. It's wonderful to know that people are interested.

<Cat-woman> If you could be any character, in any show or film, what character would you be?
<Nick> Hello, Cat-woman. I like playing complex characters. I like to try to find the psychology behind people.

<Fountain> Anymore Canadian TV in the future?
<Nick> Hello, Fountain. Doing John Woo's "Once A Thief" in Toronto in March.

<Almohada> You do a wonderful job portraying such a horrid character. How do you prepare yourself to play such a role?
<Nick> Hello, Almohada. I find the angry, cheating, ugly, reprehensible, moralistically-deprived, sexually-deviant side of myself and go from there.

<KingRich> How many more seasons will your character be with the X-files?
<Nick> Hello, KingRich. Krycek will be around causing trouble until I die.

<Queequeq> Can you please type "Hello Queequeg" it would really be an honor:)
<Nick> Hello, Queequeq

<G-Woman> Hey, Nick....I'm the Aussie gal, studying acting at NYU, who met her American fiancÚ via the X-Files, fell in love with him and was proposed to over the "X-Philes Anonymous" IRC Chat....Shadowfax and I would love you to come to our wedding, babe...Please?!?!?!
<Nick> Congratulations, G-Woman and Shadowfax. If I'm available, I'd love to go.

<Venus> How would you like your character to go in later episodes?
<Nick> Hello, Venus. Revenge is sweet. Also, some insight into Krycek's mind and heart.

<Matthew> Nick, do you do your own stunts?
<Nick> Hello, Matthew. I did all my own stunts. How did you like the part where I hung from seventeen floors?

<Selena> Nick, Do you speak Russian?
<Nick> Hello, Selena. I don't speak Russian, so it was akin to speaking English backwards. It took me a long time to memorize it and then get it up to speed and then act it.

<Solace> Do you think the X-Files have affected your acting career?
<Nick> Hello, Solace. Working on the X-Files has affected not just my career, but my life, actually. In every aspect. I am devoted to the people, and the show. It's changed my life.

<Melissa> do ou appreciate your fans.. or do they annoy you?
<Nick> Hello, Melissa. No, the fans don't annoy me, ever. If it weren't for the fans, the show wouldn't be popular, and I wouldn't have the opportunity to be here, talking to you guys.

<Cat-woman> First of all I would like to say how much I admire your work
<Nick> Cat-woman, thank you.

<Benefacto> Nick: IF you can actually read this...What are the chances of your return? Small or big?
<Nick> Benefacto, one word: big.

<Barnett> how do you find working on "Genderbender"?
<Nick> Hello, Barnett. Thanks for waiting. It was the beginning of the road, working with Rob Bowman. It showed me what it was like to work with a good director. David and Gillian became friends. They remembered me from the episode, then cast me as Krycek

<Adam> Are you going to be in the movie?
<Nick> Adam, if there is a movie, I will be hurt if I'm not in it.

<Tiberius2> How can a young guy like Krycek have so much power?
<Nick> Tiberius2, it's frightening who does have power.

<Venus> Do you plan on attending any more X-Files conventions? I would LOVE to meet you!
<Nick> Venus, as much as I love conventions, too. It's hard to find the time, but we'll see.

<Loqovo> What was your reaction when you read that Alex was going to have an arm cut off?
<Nick> Loqovo, they called me and suggested the idea, and I immediately fell in love with it. The one-armed man will always be remembered, and it takes the character in a totally different direction. Plus, didn't you feel just a little sorry for him?

<Almohada> do you find all of this attention annoying, seeing as XF seems to dim any other recoginition of your previous and possibly your future work?
<Nick> Almohada, no I am lucky to have gotten the attention that I have, and I fully intend on building off the success and continue a career upswing.

<Lancer> how did you get started
<Nick> Lancer, I always loved movies and actors and actresses and great stories, since I was a kid. It was a dream of mine. It just took me a long time to get there, via singing in a band, art school. I wanted to do something visually creative. Also, a girl that I was in love with was an actress, and I thought it would be a good way to get close to her. Now, I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

<DrBambi> I love guitars, so I've got to know, what's your favorite guitar that you own, or that you want desperately, or both? :)
<Nick> Hello, DrBambi. Any guitar is good, as long as I can play and sing with it.

<Kathryn1> Do you wish you were a good guy now? seems like you get your butt kicked alot:)
<Nick> Kathryn1, no.

<Miwa> PLEAASE at least HI, to me. I'm dying for!
<Nick> Miwa, hello. Big kiss. Big hug. Thanks for chatting.

<SrSq123> If they gave out Emmy's for best supporting actor taking a good whipping, you would win! How do you feel about that? :)
<Nick> Hello, SrSq123. Nothing like a good whipping.

<Kimber> You've said before you enjoy working on the X-Files but other than your appearences on the Show what are you more interested in doing Movies or TV?
<Nick> Kimber, I will do television or film, as long as the project is smart, the people have integrity and the role is complex.

<Spooky> What's the meaning of life???
<Nick> Hello, Spooky. The answer is cheese on crackers with cold beer.

<Avatar> Can we wait for a showdown with Cancer Man??
<Nick> Avatar, only if you've got nothing better to do.

<Moira> If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?
<Nick> Moira, good question. Michelangelo, James Taylor and Merryl Streep.

<Mars> Are you a Vancouver Canucks fan?
<Nick> Mars, it is hard to be, but yes I am.

<Dylan> Nick - regarding Tunguska/Terma - I don't know if you can discuss it, but you've previously described an Alex Krycek very different from the man we saw here. Any comments?
<Nick> Dylan, hello again. Krycek is wonderful to play, because he does what he can to stay alive. That's exciting to play.

<Avatar> Is Krycek going to meet Marita Covarrubias??
<Nick> Avatar, I soitanly hope so!

<Oer> Is Krycek Mulder gone bad?
<Nick> Oer, I don't understand the question.

<jojoo> Would you like to direct an episode one day?
<Nick> Jojoo, director Kim Manners promised me that if my homework was better than his for directing a scene, he would let me do it! I can't wait!

<krycek> Will The X-Files end after 5 seasons? Hello from everyone here in Texas!!!
<Nick> Krycek, hello to Y'all back in Texas.

<SrSg123> Nick--how's about a virtual kiss?
<Nick> SrSq123, smack!

<knights> Hi from israel nick!!!!!!
<Nick> Hello, knights. Stay safe.

<Shadowfax> Nick: "Is your Russian KGB character MORE powerful than the Cigarette-Smoking Man?"
<Nick> Shadowfax, time will tell.

<mars> What is the most compelling dream you've ever had?
<Nick> Mars, giving birth to little wet puppies and kittens.

<Benefacto> Nick: Does the directors chair beckon at all? OR have you not had the opportunity?
<Nick> Benefacto, yes, absolutely. I can't help but be directing in my head whenever I work.

<liza> are you single?
<Nick> Liza, yes, very.

<Miwa> Do you think Krycek will be die because of Mulder in the future?
<Nick> Miwa, maybe Krycek will do something nice for Mulder instead.

<Zora> Nick: Do you remember me from the convention in New Jersey last November? My dad's the guy who asked you to write "Krycek is gay" on his program, and you wrote "peace and love" on my script.
<Nick> Zora, wonderful to hear from you again.

<MadHatter> How long do you think your character can last with Mulder AND CSM after him?
<Nick> Mathatter, Krycek's pretty clever and seems to have at least nine lives.

<_x-phile> What is the moment you most laughed on the set?
<Nick> X-phile, David makes me laugh all the time.

<mermaid3> Who is the lame brain who came up with the idea of Krycek losing an arm????
<Nick> Hey, mermaid3! That's the first time I've heard of Chris Carter being called a lame brain.

<Sam> Nick, what was your name on Jake?
<Nick> Sam, I can't remember right now, but I loved doing that show. I was proud of it.

<Leland> Nick what was your reaction to "Once A Thief", and were you disapointed it wasn't better received by the network and the audiences
<Nick> Leland, frankly I was disappointed by the finished product. There are already too many blow-em-up shows on television. We don't need another one.

<SpaceCat> How do you feel about being adored? has fame changed you? have you let it, or have you tried to resist?
<Nick> SpaceCat, I don't consider myself to be famous or adored. I am just an actor who's lucky enough to be on a great show and work for good people.

<Nick> Queequeg wants Nick to ask the eternal question everyone is waiting for: What is your favorite episode?!!?
<Nick> Duane Barry was one of my favorites. I love the ones I'm in because I work on them. The one this Sunday was great. It's sort of like trying to pick your favorite Beatles song... pretty hard to do.

<Miwa> Are you still playing golf with Mitch?
<Nick> Miwa, yes, Mitch is a good friend.

<Fade_> N I C K :) :) :) Did you play the good guy on the first Terminator movie?
<Nick> Fade, what are you drinking?

<Aurellia> What is the easiet way to be an extra on the show? And are there any openings for computer effects? : )
<Nick> Aurellia, it helps if you live in Vancouver.

<tiki> Nick, please answer me just once? Am very excited to "meet" you.
<Nick> Tiki, I'm "excited" to meet you too.

<mars> What spawned the writers to give your character his name?
<Nick> Mars, Howard Gordon wrote the character, but did he know that Krycek is basically the root for Rat in Czech or Russian.

<Praetoria> Nick, do you feel that your character still as life in him yet, or do you think he will be kill off like X?
<Nick> Praetoria, they told me I was over the death hump.

<Miwa> Could you tell me your middle name, Nick?
<Nick> Miwa, it's Christopher.

<jojoo> How do you prepare yourself for a day of shooting?
<Nick> Jojoo, a good stretch and strong coffee and focus.

<Aurellia> Hobbies?? What would you be doing if you weren't acting?
<Nick> Aurellia, singing and travelling.

<_x-phile> Do you think you will come to Montreal one day?
<Nick> X-phile, I love Montreal. ASAP

<KingRich> Nick: who is your favorate actor/actress?
<Nick> KingRich, there are so many, but Jimmy Stewart, Jeff Bridges, Mitch Pilleggi.

<_FeRReT> Nick - Do you have a web-page? And can you please say FeRReT is the Ultimate X-Files fan :)
<Nick> FeRReT, the ultimate? Prove it.

<Lancer> You were born in canda weren't you
<Nick> Lancer, yes.

<mars> Nick, I'm still wondering about your astrological chart? Come on...
<Nick> Mars, I'm a Cancer.

<DScully> Nick: Who is the person in your life that has always been there to back you up? Who do you give thanks to..for giving you help with your career and your life (besides yourself of course)!?
<Nick> DScully, my mother, Bryan McCrea, Paul Babington and Melinda McGraw.

<alsoelois> Nick- when you and Mitch play golf, who wins- are what are your handicaps?
<Nick>Alsoelois, I consistently kick his ass, and I have a twelve handicap.

<germ_asks> Nick: I have this throbbing pain in my lower back, what do you recommened I do?
<Nick> Germ-Asks, are you a guy or a girl?

<FeRReT> Nick - Do you have a web-page? And can you please say "FeRReT is the Ultimate X-Files fan" :)
<Nick> FeRReT, I live in the seventies.

<adamm> how long is a day of shooting
<Nick> Adamm, approximately 14-16 hours.

<MOEslf> have you ever played DD in basketball?
<Nick> MOEslf, DD and I play ball as much as we can. He's afraid of my outside shot, and I get a little nervous when he's under the net.

<adamm> how many days does it take to shoot the show
<Nick> Adamm, ten days.

<Aurellia> Who do you model the character Krycek after? ..do you base him on someone?
<Nick> Aurellia, I base Krycek on the bad part of myself and the badness I know is out there in the world.

<Nick> Hey, everyone, Melinda McGraw a.k.a. Melissa Scully just walked in! Say hello!

<liza> what's the weirdest question you've ever been asked by a fan?
<Nick> Liza, to sign the part of their body that's usually in a bra.

<^Spooky^> Do you think that the X-Files is "A Family Show"? Me and my Mother Always watch The X-Files together on Sun. .... I'm 14 ... Please Mention my name Daniel Leathers
<Nick> Daniel Leathers, big kisses to you and your mum.

<KingRich> Nick: What kind of music do you listen to?
<Nick> KingRich, all the music that makes the small hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

<DScully> Nick: did acting come naturally to you..or is it something that you really had to work at?
<Nick> DScully, another good question. No, I work very hard at it. I wish it came easily... no, actually I don't.

<kaycee> Ohhh, Nick, just a little how do you do, before I pass out???
<Nick> Kaycee, hello. Please don't pass out.

<Oer> Don't you think Mulder and Krycek have simularities?
<Nick> Oer, some people have called Krycek the dark side of Mulder. The anti-hero. I like that.

<jojoo> How do you keep in shape?????????????????????????
<Nick> Jojoo, I don't. Lots of sleep.

<RatLover> Nick: Are you offended by my name? Is that why you haven't answered me?
<Nick> RatLover, how can I be offended by your name? It makes me feel gooey.

<Nancy> i'm not leaving till i see my name
<Nick> Nancy

<moira> Nick what is your favorite piece of literature?
<Nick> Moira, Tarzan of the Apes.

<rhyst> Nick, Friendly hello from down under
<Nick> Rhyst, Hello. I have a cousin in Kairns. All the best!

<YourNick> nick, i heard that mitch had read for several parts before he got the role of skinner, i was wondering if you had any similar experience
<Nick> YourNick, I auditioned twice. However, I was lucky enough to be the only actor that auditioned in Vancouver.

<germ_asks> Nick: with your permission, I would like to craete a statue in your honor, twice the size of that one in new york.
<Nick> Germ_asks, what statue are you referring to?

<mars> Do you like celtic music and Gregorian chanting?
<Nick> Mars, only if I want a really bad headache.

<Weezee> Nick, What is your ideal woman? Or do you have an ideal?
<Nick> Weezee, smart, heart, brains, humor, talent, smile, eyes, warmth.

<G-Woman> ANy plans to record or release your music Nick...a duet with James Taylor perhaps :)!!
<Nick> G-Woman, that's kind of up to him.

<Nick> Melinda says Hi. And FeRReT, dig your name. I'm hoping that your alien scenario is true, and I get to go back on the show soon.

<GlaciuS> ARE you and DD,GA,MP,CC live near each other?
<Nick> GlaciuS, interesting you should ask. Oddly enough, we all live side by side. What are the chances?

<knights> please answer me.. what can u say about chris carter and where does he get the ideas for his scripts?????
<Nick> Knights, Chris gets the ideas out of his deep, dark, twisted brain.

<liza> are you going to use your popularity to do some good in the world?
<Nick> Liza, are you kidding me? It's all about ME.

<DScully>(To Melinda) You have a great boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!11
<Nick> DScully, Melinda says: "Do you know something I don't?"

<alsoelois> Nick- the burning question- boxers or briefs? (You want my fantasies to be accurate, don't you?) ; )
<Nick> Alsoelois, I wear an old piece of leather strapping that I found on a recent hiking trip to Buenos Aires. The problem is, I can't wash it because it's leather and it really needs to be dry cleaned.

<GoldoraK> You're from Canada, but from where exactly?
<Nick> GoldoraK, born in New Westminster, BC.

<victoire> Being a Canadian, what do you think about Quebec wanting to leave Victoire, I was in London when I heard the news that "yes" had won. And I cried in the cab, because I was happy.
<Nick> Ontario's not that far away

<tanyak> I'm getting married in June...need another usher...wanna volunteer?
<Nick> Tanyak, absolutely. As long as you have those cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off.

<Alien> Nick Can u just say BYE Mark to me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! then i can go
<Nick> Bye, Mark.

<Fade_> NICK: If you could choose another character to play on the x-files, besides Alex, who would it be???
<Nick> Fade, Mrs. Scully.

<Aurellia> With DD and GA wanting more time off do you foresee yourself getting a ep centered on Krycek? Much like Mitch's Avatar..
<Nick> Aurellia, one can only hope, but to speed up that process, you could always write Chris a letter [Everyone listening?]

<SrSg123> If you could be a cheese, what cheese would you be? Don't tell me cheese on your leather strap either
<Nick> SrSq123, Melinda suggests Bleu or Blue

<Laramina> Nick: What was your chilhood dream?
<Nick> Laramina, as boring as it sounds, I wanted to be in the movies.

<liza> what do you want to be when you grow up?
<Nick> Liza, happier.

<MOEslf> hey, say "Whatzup to the hommes in NY"
<Nick> MOEslf, Yo, yo, yo!!!

<Sam> Nick, when will you be on Moloney?
<Nick> Sam, I'll be on Moloney the 3rd week in January.

<Dylan> Nick: You know, there's a large contingent of fanfic authors who write about you. Anything to say to them?
<Nick> Dylan, send me some. Thanks for thinking of me.

<DScully> Nick: this is for Melinda: were you saddened that your character Melissa Scully was killed? Does she forsee herself coming back at all?
<Nick> Melinda says: "I was haunted by nightmares and still am."

<cat-woman> Nick: I live in Holland and got up at 4 am for this......could you maybe please...please send me a singned picture of yourself?
<Nick> Cat-Woman: You're very sweet. Get some rest. Write c/o X-Files with your address.

<germ_asks> Nick Nick! Nick!: hey Nick, can I bring you to my class's Show And Tell? I never have anything interesting to show the class!! please please perty please!!!????
<Nick> Germ, who's paying for the airfare?

<chuk_babe> nick, did you think after your first appearance of XF that you would ever come back?
<Nick> Chuk_babe, I had no idea.

<KaDeVault> Nick, i can barely keep my eyes open but you havent said hi:)
<Nick> KaDeVault, Hi.

<liza> what are you doing for Christmas?
<Nick> Liza, I'm going home.

<Kimber> hey nick how do you feel about the fact you have been voted as having the best Jean Butt on the X-Files?
<Nick> Kimber, who is Jean Butt? Is she a character on the show or perhaps French?

<mermaid3> Nick, I'm sorry for calling Chris a lame brain, will you forgive me???
<Nick> Mermaid3, you're forgiven. Don't do it again. He's my friend and I love him!

<RatLover> If you were an American Gladiator, what would your name be?
<Nick> RatLover: Grumpy.

<Whit> Nick, you said that you like to travel? Where are some of your favorite spots?
<Nick> Whit: Right where the torso meets the hips.

<liza> what picture do you hanging on your bathroom wall?
<Nick> Liza: A picture of a cat painted by my neighbor in Canada.

<Nick> Hey everyone, I,m actually typing this one! Talented or what?!

<Nick> Watch for Melinda in January on Larry Sanders!

<Nick> Thank you so much to everyone that made the time to join in, it means alot to me! Keep watching the show, because there arent enough good shows on . They need your support and you are sending a message whether you Know it or not. I really hope evryone has asafe and happy Christmas. Make sure you tell the people that you love...that you do! TRUST NO ONE...EXCEPT ME!

<Nick> Peace and Love, Nicholas Lea.

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