On Thursday, August 24th, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye star Nicholas Lea chatted online about being an X-Files villain, playing a suspected killer and working with director Jason Priestley.
Here's what went down online!

Nicholas_Lea:Hello! Helllooooooooo!

minidonk:how was the experience acting in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye?

Nicholas_Lea:We actually have a nickname for it, Kiss Your Weekend goodbye, because we often were shooting Saturdays till 8 or 9 in the morning. It was a learning experience.

Angel:What was it like working with the cast of Kiss Tomorrow goodbye?

Nicholas_Lea:It was actually excellent. Everyone was really supportive.
Nicholas_Lea:It was fun to have other actors that were wanting to rehearse and who were as excited about doing the work as I was.

B9Force10:What made you chose to act in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye?

Nicholas_Lea:I had the opportunity to have more responsibility in a project.
Nicholas_Lea:And they gave me the opportunity to discuss things with them and do any refinement that needed to be done. And the money was really good.

ChapstickChick:Are you and Jason Priestly good friends?

Nicholas_Lea:Jason and I are both from Vancouver, and we had mutual friends to start with.

ilovenic:Are you friends with Jason Priestly? Did you have to audition for the Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye part?

Nicholas_Lea:I did not actually...which was really nice. I met with the people doing the project, they were interested in hiring me and I jumped at the chance. Anytime you can play a lead or a large part is always a learning experience.

krycheksnum1fan:do you relate to your character in any way?

Nicholas_Lea:Yes, you think your life is order, and something happens and throws you into turmoil. I understand that - now.

OXFNLFAN:Did he enjoy playing his character in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye even though he was a rather unlikable person? :)

NickLea4Me:Did u enjoy your role in "Kiss tomorrow goodbye"

Nicholas_Lea:I don't think the character is unlikable. I just think he's somebody who didn't learn from his mistakes.

jcrichton:What do you think about the life style of the character of "KTG" you played?

Nicholas_Lea:You know, to each his own...

Romantic1126:What was you favorite scene to do in "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye?" BTW- hope to see Krycek returning in season 8

Nicholas_Lea:The drunk scene on the beach was really fun.
Nicholas_Lea:Because you had to find a way to feel drunk without being drunk.

LewsTherin:Are you going to continue working with Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang?

Nicholas_Lea:I don't think so, I think it was sort of a one-off deal.

Chris_S:How was it working with Jason Priestly

Nicholas_Lea:It was really fun. Jason is really relaxed, and has a great sense of humor.
Nicholas_Lea:And he doesn't take anything too seriously. And I like that.

jcrichton:What was the most significant moment/thing for you while you were shooting "KTG"?

Nicholas_Lea:When my friends came down to meet me after work and we walked home.

Kismet:Hi Nicky I was wanting to know who your favorite person was to work with ???

Nicholas_Lea:As an actor, I love working with David we have so much fun, he's a good friend of mine, working my friends is probably the most fun.

Su_onGuam:I heard you played guitar off-screen while on the set of KTG. Did you improve your playing any?

Nicholas_Lea:But I don't practice enough.
Nicholas_Lea:I'm trying to teach myself, it's a slow process because I don't give it the time it deserves. I'm OK at it, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I want to be able to sing and play and do both comfortably at the same time. I'm not there yet.

lizzie:I just saw "The Raffle" and loved it.....What is your favorite part about acting?

Nicholas_Lea:When you allow yourself to be relaxed, free and creative. It feels like you're walking about six feet off the ground.
Nicholas_Lea:In whatever you are doing, whether acting, playing sports or talking with someone you really like, you lose track of time and are free to be creative.

Amanda:Who was your inspiration to start acting? Have you had the opportunity to actually meet you inspiration?
Amanda: Who was your inspiration to start acting? Have you had the opportunity to actually meet you inspiration?

Nicholas_Lea:My inspiration growing up was just watching old movies.
Nicholas_Lea:Inspiration is everywhere.
Nicholas_Lea:But those people aren't working anymore. If I could work with Jimmy Stewart I'd be happy, but I don't think that's possible, because he died about three years ago.
Nicholas_Lea:Or a year and a half ago.

Zilliegirl:what is your dream role?

Nicholas_Lea:don't have one.

ImOutTHere2:was becoming an actor your dream when u were a kid too ?


Krysia:Do you have any ambitions to direct?

Nicholas_Lea:Yes, always, every time I work I'm thinking, which is maybe my downfall, I'm thinking in front of the lens and behind the lens all the time.
Nicholas_Lea:By the way, y'all, thanks so much for writing in your questions....the support is great....

BeatWith1Arm:Nic, Do you plan on doing guest star spots on Lone Gunman this fall?

Nicholas_Lea:THat's their show.

lone_gunwoman:As someone who's seriously involved with the X-Files, what's your verdict on the Lone Gunmen spin-off? Good, bad, will you be watching?

Nicholas_Lea:For sure, they are good friends of mine, and I'm really happy for them, it couldn't have happened to three nicer guys.

Romantic1126:What's the sweetest and craziest thing a fan has done?

Nicholas_Lea:Whew....that's a tough one....
Nicholas_Lea:Everybody is always so kind, you know?

Erin_Mulder:Hi Nick! Loved the movie! My question is, can we expect to see more of you next season in The X-Files?? If yes, then I will be very happy!!

Nicholas_Lea:Thank you!
Nicholas_Lea:It all depends on how much they want to include me in the show.

Sullivan:Several actors wrote scripts for X-Files. Is this something we can expect from you -- for the X-Files or for something else ?

Nicholas_Lea:Something else inevitably. I've thought about it but they know what they're doing. They don't need me!

ScullyKat1013:do you think you'll be next in line for directing an x-files episode after David and Gillian have already?


spud:Can you tell us anything about plans for Krychek this season????

Nicholas_Lea:I know nothing until those guys call me. I just hope it explains some stuff and gives me an opportunity to do something juicy...

OXFNLFAN:How would you plan the storyline/ending for the conflict between you and Skinner on The X-Files.

Nicholas_Lea:Skinner and I go golfing.
Nicholas_Lea:And I shoot a 78. He shoots 104.
Nicholas_Lea:And he bends a club around a tree.

Xander:One of my other favorite Krycek-File moments is the Jeffrey Spender conversation in TwoFathers/OneSon. I love the Krycek manipulation in those scenes.

Nicholas_Lea:Thank you!

Sullivan:Is there something you'd like Krycek to do in a future episode ?

Nicholas_Lea:Do something out of character.
Nicholas_Lea:But I can't figure out what.
Nicholas_Lea:I think Krycek is like a heroic bad guy, sometimes he is a hero but only to himself probably.
Nicholas_Lea:The ambiguity is what makes it fun.
Nicholas_Lea:He is self-serving, so he won't do things for other people, only for himself. If it aligns with the good guys, then it does. If it aligns with the bad guys...I guess you could say he's fairly selfish.

Sullivan:What did you feel shooting REQUIEM not knowing if there would be another epiode of X-Files ?

Nicholas_Lea:It heightened the experience cause you didn't know if you'd see those people together again or not, it was completely uncertain. I wondered if it was the end of an era or not.

Purityc:Would you consider doing a film with an X-files co-star? If yes, who would you like to co-star with you???

Nicholas_Lea:David is really supportive and is a really hardworking actor. I'd rather work with somebody who cares than somebody who doesn't.

LVxPhile:What is it like working with a prosthetic arm when Krycek does action scenes?

Nicholas_Lea:What I do I just wear a really tight surgical glove that's painted shiny. It's my own hand in the glove. I just have to remember not to move it too much.

cimcime7:How do people react to you on street? (with you being the "bad" guy and all...)

Nicholas_Lea:Everybody is just always really cool. Some people don't trust me but I can't help that.

Sassyfrass:Do you enjoy playing the villian??

Nicholas_Lea:I enjoy the good side of bad guys and the bad side of good guys. And the bad side of bad guys and the good side of good guys. Nobody's one or the other really.

jcrichton:I think an actor who can bring out what's between the lines is a great actor. He'd have to be able to create subtleties with expressions and movement of his eyes, with his gestures, and with his body. What's your thought on this, Nick?

Nicholas_Lea:That's what acting is all about you know? Using your body, and your mind, and your fingers and your toes hopefully. That's what I'm trying to do anyway.

badger:Do you generally work straight from the script, or do you try to add nuances that you think would be interesting?

Nicholas_Lea:I always try to add anything I feel would be interesting. If the consensus is it isn't interesting, then I don't do it. That's your job, to bring nuance. Other than that it's just words on a piece of paper.

Angel:what's been your most challenging role to date - either physically or emotionally?

Nicholas_Lea:They are all challenging, all of them.
Nicholas_Lea:The movie I just did in New Zealand was really hard because it was a role where I couldn't move because of injury. So it was all done basically lying on my back.
Nicholas_Lea:I had to make it as engaging and interesting as possible - without moving.
Nicholas_Lea:The movie is called Vertical Limit.

ASHOK:When is "Vertical Limit" going to be released in theaters?

Nicholas_Lea:The movie will be released Sept. 8.

nsalOperater:Just out of curiosity, did you ever have another profession besides acting, or go to college for something else?

Nicholas_Lea:I worked at Safeway.
Nicholas_Lea:I was in art school for two years. And I sang in a band. Everything else is completely unmemorable.

Spagirl:If your acting career were to end tomorrow, what could you see yourself doing?

Nicholas_Lea:I would start writing or directing films, or maybe work at a zoo.

Angel:I read somewhere you were in the navy for a while - what rank were you?

Nicholas_Lea:Able Seaman.
Nicholas_Lea:I got kicked out.

KateyMay:Do you have any big budget movies planned, now that you've filmed the Vertical Limit?

Nicholas_Lea:No. I am going to find the most interesting project that they want me to work in and I'll do that.

nicslover:What is vertical limit about?

Nicholas_Lea:It was about a rescue mission on the top of K2.
Nicholas_Lea:A really good popcorn movie.

Linda:What's your take on an eighth season of the x-files?

Nicholas_Lea: I can't give you any scoop cause I haven't gotten any scoop!

rudie:who will also be starring with you in "Vertical Limit"?

Nicholas_Lea:Bill Paxton, Chris O'Donnell, Robin Tunney, and Scott Glenn.
Nicholas_Lea:Temuera Morrison. And a few wonderful Australian actors.

Caeru:Are you aware of the phenomenon of fan fiction and if so, how do you feel about it?

Annethon:Have you ever seen something on the internet about you that creeped you out?

Nicholas_Lea:Oh yeah....You don't really want me to tell you what it is though...

Angel:You have a huge internet fan base - do you ever get curious and surf to see what's out there on you?

niff:Do you ever go online with your fans? Maybe incognito to find out what they think?

nicslover:yes, tell us

Nicholas_Lea:I think sometimes they know more about the things that are happening than I do.

Ashley_S_nleb:Do you watch yourself on TV?

Nicholas_Lea:Yeah. That's a good place to learn. When I watch I learn more about what I did, or what I didn't, or what I should have.
Nicholas_Lea:Some people don't like to watch their own things. I try to look at it critically.
Nicholas_Lea:And see what worked and what didn't.

Ratgirl01:What's your reaction to your fans and their devotion to you?

Nicholas_Lea:I'm really lucky to have people support me. That's the long and short of it really.

Ashley_S_nleb:Do you feel overwhelmed at any time because of the groups worshipping you? ie. nelb, nlab, ilnl

Nicholas_Lea:It doesn't really have that much to do with ME, so much more to do with the television show.
Nicholas_Lea:My life is totally different than my work.

BeamMOSH:who is your favorite character in the x-files that you would most want to play if you weren't Krycek?

Nicholas_Lea:Duanne Barry.

Nicholas_Lea:Because I saw the possibilities that the actor that played him brought to him.

Elizabeth:Hiya Nick! Good job on KTG. XF question: Now that CSM is dead (?), how would you feel about a new Syndicate with Krycek at the head?

Nicholas_Lea:No. That character belongs only on that show and nowhere else.

crystal:How do you feel about a Scully-Krycek romance?

Nicholas_Lea:It wouldn't make any sense.
Nicholas_Lea:Although, given the opportunity to kiss Gillian Anderson, I'll tell ya....she looks like she might be a good kisser.

Angel:You were given a free rein with Krycek in the beginning - do you like the way he's developed?

Nicholas_Lea:I think it would be interesting for me as an actor to do an episode or some storyline about why he does what he does, because that to me is most interesting.

Su_onGuam:I heard you were offered your own show from one of the networks. Any thoughts on that?

Nicholas_Lea:That's not true.

Sasha:Where you surprised when you were voted for the next action hero in the USA Today poll?


Lanie:Would you see yourself in a movie with Laurie Holden? You two look adorable together and have great chemistry.

Nicholas_Lea:THat's a nice compliment.

SilverFox1013:And, what is it, Nic, that makes "a really good popcorn movie"??

Nicholas_Lea:This movie, Vertical Limit, is exciting, and I think it's dramatic, and it's tense.
Nicholas_Lea:And it has heart.
Nicholas_Lea:And also, if you go to an early show, and don't eat any dinner yet, then that make an excellent popcorn movie!

Amanda:What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in your personal life?

Nicholas_Lea:I don't know yet.

abrez:Do you ever get tired of talking about The X-Files?

Nicholas_Lea:I think there are a lot of interesting things out there to talk about...and probably more important things...

Chris_S:Are you looking into any other projects right now?


karmapolicex:what type of movies are you looking forward to doing?

Nicholas_Lea:Movies that I watch and make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And movies that challenge me as an actor to get better.

MODMSG kate:What is your favorite movie?

Nicholas_Lea:It's A Wonderful Life.

MODMSG 2old4U:Any favorites among your own performances?

Nicholas_Lea:Only moments....
Nicholas_Lea:The show starts in about nine minutes on the west coast....It's a fun movie, I had fun making it. And I did it a year and a quarter ago, so I can't remember what happens!
Nicholas_Lea:Thank you whole heartedly for all who waited on line, and thanks for all the support, it makes me feel good.

ScullyKat1013:don't go we love you

MrsLea:G'night Nic, thanks for the chat

sharon:a kiss from Italy

3LeggedRat:thanks, Nick!

Made_4_RatBoy:Goonight!!!! Luv ya! -Amy

Fernando:Thanks for your time, Nick.

LVxPhile:I'm in the west and I can't wait to see it! Thanx!

ChapstickChick:We love you so much!

Candide120:you rule

Nicholas_Lea:Good night! Buono Notte!

LyraDawn:You'e awesome Nick! Bye!

agentwright:BYe nic, long live krycek and CSM!!!

FOXcom_Host:Thanks to everyone who showed up to chat with Nicholas Lea tonight!
FOXcom_Host:If you're a Nic Lea/ Krycek fan...
FOXcom_Host:I'll give you some scoop....
FOXcom_Host:Yes, I am the lucky one with the inside info!
FOXcom_Host:You can see lots of photos of Krycek, and read his updated bio (as well as Nic's) at the X-Files Official Site (www.thexfiles.com)!

trustno1:bye nic! love ya!

Erin_Mulder:More Krycek in Season 8!

agentwright:Krycek, Krycek, Krycek!!!

Jewlz:Bye Nick!

Erin_Mulder:Krycek for president

ChapstickChick:Nicholas, Nicholas, cha, cha, cha!

Alyssa:Krycek rules!! byers Nic!!...<3 ya!!

Leia:B-bye, good luck

alissa1977:viva Le Nick!!!

weasel:Krycek for world dictator!

agentwright:Krycek would make a better prez than Gore or Bush!

HeHeGoodlooking:WOOHOOW NIK RULES THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!


alissa1977:Marry me Nick!!!

Xphile01:No, the truth isn't out there anymore. It's already here.