Handwriting Analysis

Kal Romine

The signature:

Note: in analyzing signatures, it is important to understand that the signature reveals ONLY what the person WANTS TO PORTRAY - NOT what they are really like. ("Real" handwriting is what you need for that.) A signature will only explain how a person wants to be viewed by others. Also, foreign languages can sometimes explain away certain discrepancies - if, for example, Krycek learned to write Russian before he learned to write English, some handwriting quirks could simply be Russian "accents." Disclaimers aside, here's what I can glean:

The difference in handwriting between first and last name is rather large. From "Alex," it appears that he is somewhat introverted (or secretive), a little mean, perhaps prone to violence, slightly oversexed, with a sense of importance. Things interpreted from the first name usually relate to the subject's sense of self. From "Krycek," keeping in mind that the last name usually reveals indications about the subject's opinion of his family, there is a much softer, caring attitude. The mean and sexual indicators are gone, replaced by indications of nurturing and almost naive happiness. (If you're interested, take a look at the enormous rounded tail of the "y" - the indicator of nurturing - it's no coincidence that something could be "cradled" in the tail.) The space between first and last name indicates a definite opinion that the individual is very separate from the family. Divorce of parents or alienation from them could be the cause. (Perhaps he's a double agent who doesn't want to get his family involved...)

One of the most disturbing elements of the signature is the difference between the "e" in "Alex" and the "e" in "Krycek." They are so opposed that one might almost conclude he is of a somewhat dubious changeable nature. (Well, you probably knew that already!) Similarly, the difference in style between first and last name suggests that same concept.

Overall, he wants to be seen as businesslike, all his ducks in a row, not threatening or withdrawing, but not particularly friendly either.

The phone number:

All I can tell you about the phone number is that he's reasonably trustworthy with money. I'd loan him five bucks, but I wouldn't hire him as my accountant.

Things are looking up from "The Red and the Black":

The placement of the lines on the paper (using the paper as a diamond instead of a square) indicates an artistic, unusual personality that likes to stand out. He's pretty sure he's an important guy, he thinks he's got it figured out. He's pretty intelligent, thinking a lot, particularly about the future - optimistically. Also, surprisingly nonviolent handwriting - very little suggesting physical or mental violence as a tendency in this personality. A lot suggesting he enjoys some comfort, is happy. Certain elements can also be interpreted as slightly lustful. The note was probably written in a hurry.

[Realistic note: I highly suspect Chris Carter wrote this note because a) he was clearly on the set at this time and b) this looks very much like his handwriting, which is also always in block-letter form.]

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