The Ratboy Defender's Handbook

Tired of arguing the same points over and over again? Just bookmark this page, and the next time you have to smite a heathen, you can check this list for the relevant accusation and snag an instant response. Also useful if you're writing a story that requires Mulder and/or Scully to, ah, overlook certain of Krycek's past activities....

Krycek is an invertebrate scum-sucker, whose moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone dry.

No, no. He's not evil, just "morally confused." A young kid who got in over his head. As far as he knew, CM was a legitimate representative of our government, perfectly okay to work for.

Okay, but if CM ordered him to kill someone, he would be duty-bound to report this to higher authority, not to commit the act. "I was only following orders" doesn't cut it.

True, but as Stanley Milgram's famous experiments showed, most people will follow orders given by someone preceived as an "authority," however illegal. That doesn't mean they are evil, it only means they are human.

Besides, Krycek probably didn't realize what kind of an organization he had signed on with until it was too late. What if he didn't want to go through with it? Could he just give 2 weeks' notice and quit? Somehow I doubt it... What "higher authority" could he report to, who wasn't either in with CM or too powerless to protect him from retribution? It may not have been right to do what he did, but it was understandable.

He killed an innocent tram operator.

We don't even know the tram operator is dead, much less that Krycek did it. Lots of other black ops guys were hanging around that mountain.

He killed Duane Barry.

We don't know that he killed Duane Barry, either. As with the tram operator, there were lots of other black ops types running around at the time. Heck, it may even have been Mulder who killed Barry - accidentally, of course. He choked the guy hard enough to leave bruises they found upon autopsy, and Barry wasn't in great shape to begin with, having been shot in the chest in the previous episode.

Even if Duane Barry was poisoned, there's no proof Krycek was the one who did it. The paramedics who treated him gave him a cup of something to drink. Maybe they were the ones who poisoned him. The Consortium has agents everywhere - why not disguised as EMTs?

He tried to kill Mulder by starting up the tram.

No, no. He didn't want Mulder to die. The scene with Krycek and CM in the car made it clear that Mulder was not to be killed, and anyway, if Krycek wanted to do it he could have done it much easier before. I think he was just trying to get Mulder to get back into the tram car.

Curiously, in earlier versions of the script, Krycek did want Mulder to die. He was supposed to be furious when Mulder makes it to the top safely (while in the aired version, Krycek was visibly relieved). In the script, Krycek not only turned on the power to the tram car, he cranked up the speed to the max, trying to make the tram car jump the cable as it passed the final tower. He did not do this in the aired version. And in earlier versions of the script, the scene where Krycek talks to CM in his car was missing. There seems to have been a deliberate attempt to make Krycek less evil, more ambiguous.

Krycek killed Mulder's father!

We still don't know who killed Bill Mulder. We see Krycek in the bathroom with Mulderdad, but we don't see him shoot anyone. There are several possibilities:

Could've been a drive-by shooting!

Could've been Cardinal again (supposedly Consortium assassins often work in pairs).

Or Mulderdad could have killed himself using Krycek's gun. Maybe he was going to use the pills, but when he saw Krycek with the gun, grabbed it and used it. [This has been used more than once in fanfic; the first time was, I believe, Cody Nelson's The Best Lies.]

Or maybe Krycek did kill Mulderdad - but Mulderdad deserved it. Bill Mulder decided his son was getting too close to the truth and had to be killed. (Hey, he had his own daughter abducted, we know he's not a nice guy.) Krycek was supposed to hide in the bedroom and kill Fox Mulder. But he hid in the bathroom and killed Bill Mulder instead. [From Cody Nelson's "Down in the Silo."]

He shot Scully's sister Melissa.

Not true, not true! Hispanic Man, aka Luis Cardinal, is the one who killed Missy. DNA tests proved it. And you can see it, if you watch the scene closely. (Freeze-frame and slo-mo help.) Notice the position and the relative heights of the men. The triggerman comes around the corner and fires. He's lit by the powderflash for only about 3 frames, and it's hard to recognize anyone when their face is lit only from below. But look at the length of his coat; whoever it is is wearing a fairly longish coat. Then he comes forward, with a much taller man behind him. When the camera pulls back and the lights get brighter, you can see that Krycek is in fact much taller than HM, and is wearing a short leather jacket while HM is wearing a longish Army-type coat. HM is also the one holding gun. Ergo...

Krycek stole the DAT tape and sold secrets from it. He's a traitor to his country!

"Traitor to his country" is a bit much. Basically it was one branch of the government battling the other over that tape, so who's the traitor? We don't know Krycek was really selling info from the tape. He claimed not to be, and the tape was encrypted - with a code even the FBI couldn't break. Anyway, it wouldn't have been very smart for him to sell that info; it was the only thing keeping CM from killing him, after all. If he was trying to sell info off the tape, he must have been desparate indeed. (Poor baby!)

Of course, if he was a Russian agent at the time, then maybe you could argue selling secrets to the French was a betrayal of Russia....

He killed his partner, Jeraldine Kallenchuk.

No, he didn't. He only wanted to temporarily immobilize both Mulder and Jeraldine, so he pushed her out in the hallway and locked the door. Since she was handcuffed to Mulder, they would both be stuck until Mulder got the door open or the cuffs unlocked. Krycek had no way of knowing the French MIB were out in the hallway, shooting everything in sight. If he'd meant to kill her, he could have just shot her. He didn't want to hurt either her or Mulder.

Krycek shot the driver of the militia truck in cold blood.

No, he killed the truck driver in order to save hundreds of innocent lives. There was no way they were going to escape. Queens is on an island, and nobody gets anywhere very fast in NYC driving a truck, even in the middle of the night; all the FBI had to do was barricade the bridges, which they could do with a phone call. No, I think the truck was full of explosives. And the driver was a suicide bomber. He was going to blow up the truck and take as many federal agents and/or innocent civilians with him as he could. Tim McVeigh didn't think twice about blowing up a daycare center; why should these militia guys be any different? Krycek had to kill the driver, or the guy would have rammed the truck into a Queens apartment building or something, killing whole families in their beds!

He killed the courier by throwing him off the balcony.

Yes, but this was clearly a case of self-defense. He was unarmed and handcuffed to the balcony railing, and that courier was plainly up to no good. If anyone is to blame, it's Skinner, for leaving Krycek in that so-called "safe house."

As "Comrade Arntzen," he ordered the deaths of Dr. Charne-Sayre, as well as all those innocent old people.

Krycek didn't realize Vassily was going to go that far.

Or, he did, but it was necessary to save others. As long as Dr. Bonnie or any samples remained, innocent people would be infected with the black cancer. The people infected would die anyway, and until they did, they could be used to infect others. A regrettable sacrifice, but the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.

Or, the black cancer is a weapon. It's going to be used against Krycek's Russian countrymen. He's willing to sacrifice a few Americans to save his own people. We'd expect an American agent to do the same for us.

(Hey, makes as much sense as anything in "Terma"!)

Hah! "Terma" revealed that Krycek is a Russian agent! He's irredeemably evil now!

Nonsense. "Terma" revealed that Krycek is a brave, loyal, altruistic patriot - for Russia rather than the United States, unfortunately for Mulder. But hey, you're allowed to be loyal to a country other than the U.S. without being evil, aren't you? Come on - Ronald Reagan is no longer President, and Russia is not an Evil Empire!

Krycek killed the scientist who performed the test on Dmitri.

There's no evidence for that. The man was found hanged. He could have killed himself, for all we know.

He kissed the Uniblonder! That proves he's evil.

Eyewww. No doubt, that was a very bad thing to do. But he paid for his sins, poor boy.

Krycek beat up a teenager and sewed his eyes and mouth shut.

Hey, we didn't see Krycek do any of that! Could have been someone else.

Admittedly, he did not treat poor Dmitri very well. However, Krycek has never shown any sadistic tendencies. He didn't hurt Dmitri because he wanted to; he did it because the fate of the world was at stake. And perhaps he did it to avoid killing the boy. Why did he need to bring to Dmitri to the U.S.? Once he knew what Dmitri saw, he really didn't need the kid any more. All he had to do was make sure Dmitri couldn't tell anyone else. He could have done that by killing him. Instead, he infected the boy with the black oil. Nasty, but Krycek did have the antidote. If all had gone according to plan, Dmitri would have been fine. It's not Krycek's fault that Marita's interference got the kid killed.

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