A Krycek Concordance

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Alex Krycek's first name. Often assumed to be a nickname for Alexander, but that was never in any of the aired episodes. Mulder calls Krycek "Alex" once - in "Ascension," when he wants to borrow his car.

Arntzen is the name Krycek used when he infiltrated a militia in "Tunguska"/"Terma." He also used that name when he contacted Vassily Peskow.

Barry, Duane [Steve Railsback] is a former FBI agent who suffered a brain injury in the line of duty. Thirty-eight years old, rangy, blondish. He thinks he's being abducted by aliens; it's unclear if he actually is, or if he's just nuts. He kidnaps Scully so the aliens will take her instead of him. He's arrested by Mulder and dies in custody...possibly poisoned by Krycek or other black ops agents, possibly of injuries inflicted by Mulder, who got carried away and choked him shortly before he died. The autopsy was inconclusive, and Mulder suspects a coverup.

Black Cancer A life form that came to earth on meteorite that hit Tunguska. It looks like oily black worms, and seems to be related to the Oilien from "Piper Maru." The worms enter human bodies and turn their eyes oily black - temporarily. Eventually the worms settle on the pitutary gland and cause irreversible coma - unless the person is inoculated, in which case the worms seem to cause no problems. In either case, when an infected person dies, the worms come pouring out of the orifices of the body. The militia Krycek joined believed that the Black Cancer was used as a biological weapon in the Persian Gulf War.

Black Crow, North Dakota The site of the abandoned missile silo where the salvaged UFO was hidden, and where Krycek was imprisoned at the end of "Piper Maru." (Black Crow is fictional; there is no such place in reality.)

Bellefleur, Oregon A hotbed of alien activity. Mulder and Scully's first case was there, when Billy Miles and other teenagers were abducted. A Navy aircraft collides with an alien ship there, and Mulder is kidnapped there, in "Requiem."

Bronx Station The train station in New York City where the Amtrak from Boston arrived carrying Dr. Girardi. (This is fictional; in real life, the Amtrak from Boston arrives in Grand Central Terminal. There is no "Bronx Station.")

Capitol Ice Ice-skating rink in the DC area. Krycek hid the digital tape in a locker (#517) there for awhile.

Cardinal, Luis (AKA "Hispanic Man") [Lenno Britos] One of CM's thugs. Late 40s, medium height, slender, dark hair and eyes, noticeable Spanish accent. "Native of Nicaragua, School of the Americas alumni, career mercenary, apparently impressed a lot of people with his marksmanship during the Iran-Contra deal." He was partnered with Krycek in the episode "Paper Clip," and was the one who shot Melissa Scully, thinking it was Dana. Later, he shoots Skinner, and DNA tests reveal that he was the one who shot Melissa as well. He's arrested by Dana Scully, but dies in his jail cell (presumably killed by the Consortium) before he can be brought to trial.

Cars: The Bureau car Krycek and Mulder drove in "Sleepless" was a dark blue Ford Taurus sedan. Krycek's personal car while with the FBI was a late-model, dark red Ford Crown Victoria with light grey interior. (I believe Ford called that shade of red "currant.") The car he was almost blown up in looked like a much older Ford sedan. And the car he drove while chauffeuring the Well-Manicured Man in "The End" was another Ford - a dark (green? grey? black?) Lincoln Town Car.

Chung-Sayre, Dr. Bonnie [Jessica Schreier] was an expert on the smallpox vaccine. She was a Consortium doctor, and possibly Well-Manicured Man's lover. She owned several nursing homes in Boca Raton, FL, and was using the residents as guinea pigs, infecting them with the Black Cancer in order to try and develop a vaccine. The official story was that she was trampled by one her horses, but actually Vassily Peskowkilled her, seemingly on Krycek's orders, to stop the vaccine research. (The doctor's name is pronounced suspiciously like "Cancer.")

The Cigarette-Smoking Man (AKA "The Smoking Man," "Cancerman," CM, CSM) [William B. Davis] The nameless man in charge of the Washington, DC branch of the Consortium. CM was Krycek's real boss when Krycek was working at the FBI as Mulder's partner. For reasons not entirely clear, CM later tried to kill Krycek with a car-bomb. He also locked Krycek in an abandoned missile silo to starve to death. It's been hinted that CM had an affair with Mulder's mother, and thus might be Mulder's real father. CM and Krycek seem to have a love-hate relationship, alternately working together and trying to kill each other. When we last saw them, Krycek was once again working for CM.

Circumcision (Well, this is a concern for those who write adult stories!) Basically, if Krycek was born in the U.S., he probably is. If he was born in Russia, he probably isn't. Almost all American males born after WWII were circumcised at birth; this has started to change only recently. In Russia, on the other hand, males are almost never circumcised. Even if Krycek is Jewish (as is likely, if his story about being the child of Cold War immigrants is true), it's unlikely he would have been circumcised if he was born in Russia. After WWII, very few Russian Jews practiced circumcision, because the state strongly discouraged all such religious expression.

Claustrophobia Many fan stories assume that Krycek is claustrophobic. This is hinted at in "Tunguska," when he thinks Mulder is going to leave him handcuffed in the car at the airport parking lot, and again in the cell in Tunguska. In both instances, Krycek seems unduly panicked. Usually this is presumed to be the result of being locked in the silo at the end of "Apocrypha," though it's possible he was claustrophobic even before then, judging from the way he screamed and pounded at the silo door.

Coffee In "Duane Barry," Agent Kazdin puts Krycek in his place by sending him out for coffee. Later, when Scully phones, we see Krycek in the background, passing around styrofoam cups of coffee! He also brings Mulder a cup of coffee in "Ascension." (Though perhaps Krycek actually prefers tea, which is what we see him with at the end of "Terma.")

Cole, Augustus (AKA "Preacher") [Tony Todd] Ex-Marine, member of Recon Squad J-7, remembered by his fellow soldiers as being very religious. Tall, slender clean-cut black man, mid-40s. The years of sleeplessness, without dreams, enabled him to project dreams onto other people - dreams so real they could kill. He was a patient in mental hospital, but escaped by using his power of illusion to get a doctor to sign a form releasing him. He killed Grissom and wounded Girardi, doctors who had performed the sleep elimination surgery on him. And he killed Willig - partly in revenge for the atrocities the man had committed in Vietnam, partly as a gesture of mercy.

Covarrubias, Marita [Laurie Holden] Mulder's secret informant and Krycek's lover. She started out as an assistant to the Special Representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations but was promoted to Special Representative herself by "Patient X." She worked for the Consortium, but betrayed them, and betrayed Krycek as well. She paid for her treachery by being infected with the Black Cancer. The Consortium used the Russian vaccine, provided by Krycek, to cure her. They then proceeded to torture her for a year by using her as a guinea pig. Spender tries to rescue her in "One Son"; we don't find out if he succeeds or not.

Crystal City, Virginia is where Skinner's apartment is. In real life, it's a high-rent district near DC; Skinner must be doing pretty well for himself if he can afford an apartment there.

Davis Correctional Treatment Center in Marion, VA is the facility that Duane Barry escapes from.

Dmitri The 15-year-old boy who was the lone survivor of a massacre in Kazakhstan.

Flight 1121 is the flight Mulder and oilien-Krycek took from Hong Kong to DC.

Forj Sidi Toui, Tunisia Site of the penal colony where Alex Krycek was imprisoned by the Smoking Man. Marita gets him released, on the Smoking Man's orders, in "Requiem."

Fort Marlene, Maryland The site of the Federal Detention Center where the former National Security Agency guy who tried to kill Gibson Praise was held. CM killed the man. Or at least, a Morley was found in the cell with his body. It's also where Cassandra, Mulder, and Scully are sent for quarantine in "One Son," where Marita was held for testing, and where the alien fetus given to Consortium by the colonists was kept.

Fowley, Agent Diana [Mimi Rogers] Mulder's former partner and ex-girlfriend - perhaps even ex-wife. She was shot protecting Gibson Praise. It's unknown if she will surivive.

Gauthier [Ari Solomon] French diver from the Piper Maru. Looking for a crashed UFO on the ocean floor, he gets possessed by the Oilien and brings it up to the ship, and then to San Francisco.

Gauthier, Joan [Kimberly Unger] Pretty, slender redhead, about 30. Gauthier's wife, who becomes the Oilien's host when it leaves her husband. She goes to Hong Kong in pursuit of Krycek, and corners him in the men's room at the Hong Kong airport. The Oilien leaves her for Krycek; we later hear that she was found unharmed but confused on the bathroom floor.

Gimlet See Plam.

Girardi, Dr. Francis The prominent Harvard neurosurgeon who, back in the days of Vietnam, performed surgery on Augustus Cole, Henry Willig, and others to make them into soldiers who never needed to sleep.

Greta CSM's home health aide, who cares for him when he's dying, in "Requiem."

Grissom, Dr. Augustus Cole's first victim, who sees an illusory fire in his New York apartment and burns to death - though there is no other evidence of smoke or flame in the building.

Guns: While in the FBI, Krycek carried his gun (presumably one of the FBI-approved types) in a belt holster on his right side. When Mulder catches up to him in Hong Kong, Krycek is using (some would say appropriately) a SOB holster (small-of-back, inside the back waistband of the pants). The gun Krycek is carrying in Hong Kong is a Sig Sauer model P220, semiautomatic, double-action combat pistol, in either .38 caliber or .45 caliber (.45 is more manly!). It is used extensively by military, paramilitary, law enforcement and sociopathic dysfunctional lunatic organizations, and is one of the guns approved for use by FBI agents. It carries an 11 round clip with one in the chamber. The ideal ammo for such an innocent piece of hardware would be a 125gr Jacketed Hollow Point, Full Metal Jacket bullet. This type of bullet has excellent mass retention upon entering the "target," and expands nicely due to the hollow point. I think this gun is manufactured overseas, but is imported by Sigarms, Inc. of Exeter, NH. (They may actually make the gun there, but I'm not sure.) The gun Krycek takes from Mulder in "The Red and the Black" is a smaller Sig Sauer - a model P239, perhaps.

Hakkie, Dr. Del [Frank C. Turner] Duane Barry's shrink, taken hostage by him in "Duane Barry."

Inget Murray Psychiatric Hospital The hospital in Gaithersburg, Maryland where Gibson Praise was taken after the Consortium tried to shoot him.

Kallenchuk, Jeraldine [Jo Bates] Krycek's partner, who sold the secrets he was getting off the tape to the French. She ran a salvage business that was a front for her international information brokering service.

Kazakhstan Formerly the second largest republic in the Soviet Union; now a member Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), along with ten other former Soviet republics. Where abductees were massacred in "Patient X."

Kazdin, Agent Lucy [CCH Pounder] Agent in charge of the Duane Barry hostage situation, best remembered for sending Krycek out for coffee. ("Cappuccino, 2%, grande.")

Klebanow, Anatole Russian chess champion, accidently shot by a Consortium assassin who was trying to kill Gibson Praise

Krasnoyarsk the Russian "province" where the pouch containing the oilien rock came from. (I think this is XF geography; Krasnoyarsk is a city, not a province.)

Kritschgau, Michael A man whose career was destroyed when he testified to Congress about the UFO coverup. He helps Mulder and Scully in "The Sixth Extinction" - and gets killed for his trouble. Possibly by Krycek.

Krycek is Eastern European for "rat" - in the mind of XF writer Howard Gordon, anyway.

Laurentian Mountains Mountains in Quebec, Canada, where CM hid out in a remote cabin after the Consortium tried to kill him.

The Lynnwood Inn was where CM tried to kill Krycek with a car bomb.

Mary-Sue A generally derogatory term fans use for a fictional character who is a blatant wish-fulfillment projection of the author. Mary Sue is often too good to be true: beautiful, talented, intelligent, kind, loyal, brave, etc. Krycek, Mulder, and sometimes even Skinner immediately fall madly in love with her. "Mary-Sue" may refer to this type of character, or to a story containing such a character.

Matola, Salvatore (Sal) One of the ex-Marines from Recon Squad J-7. He works in a cafe, and is the one who tells Mulder and Krycek about the military experiments on sleeplessness, and how his unit went AWOL and committed atrocities in Vietnam. By the end of "Sleepless," he is the only sleepless soldier left alive.

Mayhew, Terry Edward A member of Krycek's militia, arrested in the episode "Tunguska." In "Terma," he told Mulder that "Arntzen" approached them with ideas for building "devices" (truck bombs).

Morleys are the brand of cigarettes the Cigarette Smoking Man smokes. (They bear a striking resemblance to Marlboros!) In "Ascension," Mulder finds a Morley cigarette butt in the ashtray of Krycek's car. This is what makes him suspect that Krycek is a spy working for CM.

Mulder, William (Bill) [Peter Donat] Mulder's father. Shot dead in "Anasazi," perhaps by Krycek.

Oilien, Oil Alien Body-jumping alien shot down during WWII, accidently brought up from the depths by the French salvage ship Piper Maru.

OPR Office of Professional Responsibility, the FBI equivalent of internal affairs. Mulder and Krycek were supposed to go there to be given polygraphs, as part of the investigation into Duane Barry's death.

P-51 Mustangs were WWII fighter planes. They shot down a UFO during the war, but the cover story was that they were escorting a B-29 bomber with the third atomic bomb on it. Scully recognizes them from her brothers' model planes.

Parris Island, South Carolina Island where Marine recruits who live east of the Mississippi are sent for training. (Krycek knew this - unusual for someone as young as he is, i.e., of the post-Vietnam era.) It was apparently at Parris Island that volunteers for the sleep elimination experiment were recruited and surgically altered.

Peskow, Vassily [Jan Rubes] Retired KGB assassin, reactivated by Krycek for a special mission in "Tunguska."

Phu Bai - a military base in Vietnam. Supposedly the scene of a My Lai-like massacre of over 300 children in 1970, that triggered Augustus Cole's revenge in "Sleepless." (So far as I know, this is strictly X-Files history - never actually happened.)

Piper Maru A French salvage ship, that goes secretly looking for UFOs and finds more than it bargained for in "Piper Maru." (It was named after Gillian Anderson's daughter, which explains why a French ship has an English-Japanese name.) All the crew die of radiation sickness, except Gauthier.

Plam The only weapon that can kill aliens/clones/hybrids. It's a combination icepick and switchblade. The icepick-like blade springs out with the touch of a switch, and is used to stab the victim in the back of the neck. The name comes from "Talitha Cumi," when Mulder finds one hidden in a lamp. (Tena Mulder, suffering from a stroke, tries to tell him where it is by writing LAMP, but it comes out PALM. This became PLAM among Philes.) The scripts call it a gimlet. Krycek uses one in "Two Fathers," to kill the alien rebel who is impersonating the Second Elder and save Jeffrey Spender's life.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were found in the oily rock from Tunguska. Supposedly this meant the rock might contain fossilized Martian life.

Praise, Gibson [Jeff Gulka] A 12-year-old boy and worldwide chess champion who is the key to entire conspiracy. He uses parts of his brain ordinary people don't, and can read minds - perhaps because he is part alien. The Consortium tried to kill him, then kidnapped him.

Ratboy - fans' nickname for Krycek, especially on the Internet. It has never been used in the aired episodes. Refers to Krycek's apparent youth and inexperience, and his spying on Mulder. Plus, it's much easier to spell than "Krycek."

Ratnik (sometimes Ratnick) - a Krycek fan.

Recon Squad J-7 Special Forces unit of the Marines, stationed in Vietnam in 1970. There were thirteen members originally, all of whom had volunteered for surgery that eliminated their need for sleep. This surgery left them with a distinctive scar on the back of their necks. They also had to take serotonin supplements (or anti-depressant drugs) for the rest of their lives, to replace the serotonin their bodies no longer produced during sleep. They went AWOL in Vietnam, and committed atrocities, such as the massacre of 300 children at Phu Bai. By 1994. there are only three survivors: Augustus Cole, Henry Willig, and Salvatore Matola.

Rixeyville, Virginia - where Duane Barry kills a patrolman, on Rte. 229.

Ruskin Dam, Pennsylvania - one of the "alien lighthouses" where abductees (including Scully) were drawn in "Patient X." Cassandra Spender was abducted from there.

Sacks, Dr. Exobiologist at NASA-Goddard Spaceflight Center. In "Tunguska," he is infected by the oilien worms while studying the rock Mulder and Scully intercepted. Falls into a coma and is killed by Vassily Peskow.

Scully, Melissa (Missy) [Melinda McGraw] Scully's sister. She was two or three years older and a New Age mystic type. The actor who played her was Nick Lea's girlfriend at the time, which has resulted in some Krycek/Missy fanfic - though on-screen, the only time Krycek saw Missy he was an accessory to her murder. Melissa died in "Paper Clip," after being shot by Luis Cardinal in "The Blessing Way." We saw her grave marker in "Apocrypha." It read Melissa Scully, beloved sister and daughter, 1962-1995.

Skyland Mountain - where Duane Barry takes Scully to be abducted. There's a tram to a restaurant on top of the mountain. (Which is apparently closed in the summer. Is it supposed to be a ski resort? In the Blue Ridge Mountains?) In "Patient X," former abductees are mysteriously drawn to Skyland Mountain - and massacred there by faceless aliens. Krycek tells Mulder that it's an "alien lighthouse" where "colonization will begin."

Skyland Grill The restaurant on top of Skyland Mountain. It's in the offices of this restaurant that Duane Barry is interrogated and dies.

Slash is a word used by fans to mean a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two characters of the same gender, especially two males. It dates from Trek Classic days, and Kirk/Spock fanfic (the term comes from the punctuation mark). Mulder/Krycek has become the most prominent of XF slash pairings.

Spender, C.G.B. One of the Cigarette Smoking Man's aliases.

Spender, Cassandra [Veronica Cartwright] CM's wife and Jeffrey Spender's mother. She was the one CM sacrificed to the aliens, as Bill Mulder sacrificed Samantha. She was repeatedly abducted over 25 years, finally becoming the first perfect alien-human hybrid. She was killed in the episode "One Son," along with most of the Consortium and their families.

Spender, Jeffrey [Chris Owens] Special Agent Jeffrey Frank Spender is the son of CM and Cassandra Spender. He's put in charge of the X-files for awhile, and Krycek has to baby-sit him. When Spender refuses to do his father's bidding any longer, CM shoots him. Or maybe only threatens to shoot him. We don't see anything. We just hear a gunshot, and Spender vanishes from the plot...for now, anyway.

Talapus was the Consortium ship that salvaged a foo-fighter off the bottom of the sea in the North Pacific (at Longitude 171 E, Latitude 42 North). Scully thought the item salvaged was a Russian sub, Mulder thought it was a UFO. Mulder was, of course, right; it was the oilien's spaceship, stolen by the Consortium from under the Piper Maru's nose.

Tea We see Krycek making tea at the end of "Terma," dunking a teaball into his teacup using a prosthetic arm. However, that is not how Russians actually make tea. Instead of using a teaball directly in the cup, they make a very strong infusion of tea - almost a tea syrup - and pour a little of that into hot water whenever they want a cup.

The Thinker, aka Kenneth Soona [Bernie Coulson] A hacker who breaks into a top secret computer and steals data, which ends up on the DAT tape Krycek steals in "Paper Clip." Fannish joke about The Thinker: How good a hacker can he be? He uses a Mac! (Due to advertising agreements between Fox and Apple, no doubt!)

Three-oh-two, 302 The form assigning an agent to work on a case. Krycek and Mulder meet when Krycek brings Mulder his 302 for the Grissom case. Mulder is annoyed to find that Krycek has also been assigned to the case, but Krycek refuses to give it up.

Tovarisch Russian for "friend." What Krycek calls Mulder after kissing him in "The Red and the Black."

Tunguska, Siberia is the place in Russia that was leveled by a huge explosion on June 30, 1908. This is a real event, and is believed to have been caused by a meteor or comet hitting the area or breaking apart just above it. It's an extremely remote area, but Russian scientists have been visiting and studying the site as best they can since it happened. In "Tunguska," we find out that there's a gulag at ground zero, where prisoners are forced to mine the ground for pieces of the meteor. They are looking for rocks containing the Black Cancer, which scientists are using in experments.

2 Jay's Diner The greasy spoon on Long Island where Salvatore Matola works. Mulder and Krycek drive out there to question him.

Underwear Many fan writers assume that Krycek is the kind of guy who doesn't wear any. This is patently untrue, as VPLs (Visible Panty Lines) can be clearly seen during the car bomb scene in "Paper Clip." (It appears to be briefs, not boxers!) According to TV Guide, Chris Carter has declared that both Mulder and Skinner are briefs men. No official ruling on Krycek yet, but VPLs do not lie... ;-)

Vladivostok The port Krycek and Dmitri left Russia from, in "Patient X."

Willig, Henry (Willy) One of the sleepless soldiers killed by Augustus Cole. Cole makes him think he is shot by the children he killed at Phu Bai, so he dies, with internal hemorrhages and fractures consistent with gunshot wounds, but no external trauma.

Uroff-Koltoff Star of Russia The name of the ship on which Krycek and Dmitri leave Russia, in "Patient X."

Viva Tower is Skinner's apartment building, where Krycek was handcuffed to the balcony. Street address is 828.

Wiekamp Air Force Base is where they held an alien rebel in "The Red and the Black." He was captured by the Consortium, who decided to turn him over to their alien masters, his enemies. WMM disgreed with this decision, and sent Krycek to tell Mulder to rescue him.

Zeus Faber was an American submarine sent to guard the Oilien's downed UFO after WWII, in 1953. They were told they were trying to salvage the third atom bomb, but that wasn't true.

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