Hopeful Reunion with LadyStetson

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By Wendye ( on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - 12:35 am:

Hello, all...I'm Wendye...Here looking for an old online friend that I've lost touch with. We both love Nick dearly and used to spend HOURS reading fan-fic and sharing pics and chatting. I miss those days, and now that I have access to the internet again, I've been trying to find her. If anyone knows her--(ladystetsonwsb)--let her know I'm looking for her...My ID is windsinger5, and she should remember me. Tell her I've reactivated my original e-mail account and messenger, and still have her on my friends list, if she wants to come chat. Bless you all for loving Nick--but then he's just a beautiful lovable kinda guy, ain't he?--Oh, and those green eyes...*sigh*...Long live Nicholas Lea!!!
Thx, Wind

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