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By Marcus Huntsman ( on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 02:24 am:

I grew up with X-files and I always gravitated towards the character of Alex Krycek. Nicholas Lea has such a powerful presence on screen. As for the character of Krycek, I loved how his allegiances were always questionable. Though they were questionable, his endgame always seemed to make sense. More to the point, Krycek seemed unable to die. A man with a mission, Krycek wouldnít let something as irritating as death stop him.
I have watched Continuum since the pilot episode and the character of Agent Gardiner I feel is the one person able to give the audience perspective, perspective in regards to how one would investigate the strange happenings surrounding the character of Kiera Cameron. Gardinerís intuitive approach has brought him so close to the truth, but before he could find the truth he was gunned down by those darn freelancers. As the camera focused on Gardiner, some part of me expected him to bleed black oil. Thatís when I stood up in my living room and declared to my oblivious roommate, ďKrycek canít die, and neither can Gardiner!Ē
Gardinerís death was without glory and may very well be in vein. I hope Nicholas Lea protested the death of the character and I hope the show will reconcile the event as so Gardiner will no longer be misunderstood by the audience.
Thank you Mr. Lea for being a wonderful actor, I have enjoyed much of your work and I look forward to seeing you both on the silver screen and on television in the future. Good luck to you sir.

By anonXF ( on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 01:11 pm:

He has been cast for season 3 and a recent interview with the star of the show said that Gardiner was a wildcard in the mix during the rest of this and next season. So he will be back!

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