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By Leafan ( on Friday, November 19, 2010 - 07:44 pm:

Hi everyone,

I've been a Nick Lea fan for a long time now, since about 1994/95 to be precise, and I just wanted to share my thoughts on a few things.

I remember back when he was on The X-Files and for the die-hard Nick Lea fan, the only holes in his/her collection would generally be some of the earlier tv work such as 'The Hat Squad' or 'North of 60', mainly due to the difficulties of sharing media via the internet at that time. And then there were the films. He hadn't made many at that time but the 2 that eluded us all (and still do) are 'From Pig To Oblivion' & 'Guts to Glory'. I could not stomach this.

The only details about these 2 came from Andy Mangels book 'Beyond Mulder and Scully' and we literally knew nothing else. I went kinda crazy about that because I'm a little bit OCD, I even contacted the director of 'From Pig To Oblivion' to try and free a copy from his clutches with a crow-bar - unfortunetly I think both he and Nick are a little ashamed of this early work and he refused, although did give me some interesting details. 'Guts to Glory' remains an unknown. All this got me thinking...

What's next in Nick's ever growing movie career that'll sink without a trace? Here is a list of a few that already have followed in 'Guts to Glory's' footsteps, or soon will:

Shot In The Face (only just about saved by a few fans).
Hastings Street (Anyone? lol)
Crime (even the website is gone).
Mothers&Daughters (I doubt will ever see a DVD release).
Excited (Maybe will see a release - but when?)
Does anyone else remember that commercial he supposedly did for a Canadian (bank?).
Freedom Park (He only produced I know - but I'll bet you can't find it. I do actually own this one but it's on VHS and direct from John Cassini).

That's all this tired mind can think of at this hour, but please feel free to correct me or add to the list.

This is probably true of most actors btw but I don't care about those people - just Nick. These small Canadian films are all well and good, but if nobody ever gets to see them (outside of certain Canadian provincial film festivals), then what's the point? That's my 2 cents.

It'd help if Nick took just a little time to talk to fans directly, maybe via this website. I'm not critising Nick, but I feel that it wouldn't take a lot for him to pop by occassionally and say hi and update us on what's what.

Right....sleepy time.


By pattik ( on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 09:26 pm:

actually i had a tape of Hat squad--Nick died before the opening credits and I sent this bit to a certain web site and pics were posted.

and since I think someone has shared north of 60

yes still some holes and I really NEED to find someone who can transfer those old vhs tapes to dvd

By Alex Racey ( on Sunday, July 07, 2013 - 02:00 am:

YES, I know what you mean. I had the wind taken a bit out of my sale, so to speak, that N. Lea doesn't care to share with his devoted fan base but, I am still interested in his work and I do own the movie EXCITED on DVD. He has a super small part & I didn't really care much for this film.( Not his performance, but the over all movie) He is on screen about 4 minuets maybe more maybe less. But, it's part of my Nick L. collection! One of my very favorite of his films is: The Impossible Elephant. Not a hard one to get but I don't hear many folks mention it just the same. And his,-The Raffle- only on VHS at this point, he shares the lead in this one and is very young looking, like his first Krycek days! Last year for his 50TH birthday I sent him a birthday box of special gifts and gave to the elephant sanctuary in Tenn. in his HONOR.

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