The 11th Hour

Missing In Action

Despite all of Joss Whedon's hard work and an unexpected gift from Glenn Gordon Caron in the yummy form of Eric Close, there still aren't enough hot men on genre television today. While a new set would be more than welcome to try and raise our pulses and estrogen levels, the industry has been ignoring a whole section of hotties with proven appeal. Which just goes to show you that the network suits are a bunch of squirrel bastards.

In the event that some of the squirrels can read and know how to turn on a computer, we've compiled an alphabetical list of delectable men who deserve another chance at gracing our television sets week after week. Preferably on something genre related.

Although truthfully, we're not really all that picky.

Last Genre Outing: The X Files
Other Genre Outings: Highlander, Sliders, The Burning Zone, The Outer Limits

Yeah, yeah, so technically he's still an XF semi-regular, but since we can never count on seeing him and some of us can't stomach XF these days even to catch a glimpse of him...

Appeal: "Oooh! Ooh! I want one!"
Form: "I'm hoping he gets another gig soon. Mostly so we can see him with two arms again."
Uhh... Preference?: "I want him in a bad way -- back on TV that is. In a good show. In a lead role. With two arms. Not kissing his male co-stars."